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meteorology of climates and their phenomena

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Global and regional scale of ENSO influences on hydrologic and climatologic variables have been extensively documented in the relevant literature.
Data from water temperature (collected before food supply), photoperiod (supplied by climatologic station of UFLA) and food consumption, previously standardized by Dias-Junior and Mourgues-Schurter (2001) were collected from March to August.
This became obvious in the pilot study as we tried to interconnect local-scale understandings and contexts with broader scale climatologic data (see below).
The Evac Sim generates wind conditions at the base for each typhoon through random draws from a distribution of possible conditions constructed to represent realistic climatologic conditions.
Other topics include ecological niche modeling in Western North American deserts, climatologic effects on the risk of infection, molecular cloning and expression of a cDNA, treatment of ocular coccidioidimycosis in a captive chimpanzee, and azole therapy.
Holmes poignantly describes that church in the late eighteenth century by borrowing a climatologic metaphor: "Conditions had reached a freezing point; there was ice in the pulpit, and snow in the pew" (1).
16) But while Maddin's films may largely present grimly inhospitable climates--from the wintry Russia of Archangel to the avalanche-prone Alps of Careful through to the snow-buried Winnipeg of The Saddest Music in the World--the films themselves exude a narrative and stylistic vivacity which transcends such climatologic frigidity.
Our objective is to provide a description of the main features associated with bottom temperature anomalies during 1999 and to put them in climatologic perspective.
3) These are diseases that 1) have been newly discovered; 2) have recently increased in incidence or prevalence; 3) have recently expanded in geographic or climatologic range; or 4) have jumped from animal populations into humans.
For the NDVI cube, each element encodes the NDVI anomaly from the monthly climatologic mean.
Zehnder was also struck by the prevalence of water, climatologic circumstances and fertile ground in live countries, a concentration, which he compares to the OPEC.
Previous speculation that climatologic variation might affect the timing of birth defects does not apply to Puerto Rico, where temperatures change little year round.
The typical disaster in this country is a natural geologic or climatologic event that causes damage over a wide area--involving many cities and towns and several counties.