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of or relating to a climate


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The RAL CO2OL Print methodology used to calculate the carbon emission savings generated by the demanufacturing process involves identifying and quantifying all of the direct and indirect emissions of climatically harmful greenhouse gases in terms of carbon dioxide equivalents (from the consumption of carbon-based energy sources to power the plant to identifying potential losses of greenhouse gases during the demanufacturing process).
All of these AVAs are close to the state's Eastern border, and some of them overlap with climatically similar growing regions in northern Oregon.
Upenyu concluded that highly nutritious and affordable foods, that are climatically well adapted and drought resistant, can be grown and incorporated into the diets of the people of Bikita.
This being still winter climatically, there was an "In the Pot" range with mashed potato: Yorkshire sausage, Slawit chorizo sausage, sticky ox cheek and Holme Valley steak and ale pie.
In some extreme cases, they may also need to be physically moved to climatically suitable areas to help them survive.
Among the topics are empowering emergency responders, terrorism and the risk society, risk and the social impact of information and communication technologies, aviation and corporate social responsibility, managing risks in a climatically dynamic environment, and whether there is a future for late-modern social formations in Detroit.
I think it's important for Kyrgyzstan to monitor their glaciers although it's something that they're responding to climatically.
The Earth's hot deserts--such as the Sahara, the Gobi, the Sonoran, and the Lut--are climatically harsh and so remote that access for routine measurements and maintenance of a weather station is impractical," he adds.
Our major oil and gas producing area on Alaska's North Slope is not climatically competitive, not logistically competitive, not material and labor cost competitive, and is unfriendly to investors.
The entire Namibia is climatically labelled as an arid country.
If you read anything on geology and the history of our Earth, you will see that we are probably coming to the end of one of the most climatically stable eras in our planet's history.
The risk from fires is likely to increase as the frequency of climatically driven fire events rises in response to predicted global warming (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007).
Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, and Southern California may be jobs magnets, but unless something climatically changes, there could be a lot of thirsty people there in the future.
Incognita was still incognita, but more climatically challenging than had been hoped (Fig.