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any of the geographical zones loosely divided according to prevailing climate and latitude

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He also divides it longitudinally into eastern and western regions situated in the extreme north on the basis of the seven climatic zones corresponding to the seven signs of the Zodiac.
This farm is in an area transitional from Mediterranean to Central Arid of climatic Zone 3 (Thackway and Cresswell 1992) with an average annual rainfall of 540 mm.
It should be noted that climatic zones 3A and 2A were investigated but were found unsuited/unjustifiable for the building applications identified earlier.
It is a country of contrasts, occupying an area of close to half a million square kilometres, ranging from rainforests in the south to savanna in the north, and having five distinct climatic zones.
Trekking through five different climatic zones and camping out in temperatures ranging from merely cold to well below freezing would discourage most people from undertaking such an adventure.
Besides functionality, drugs are also tested for their efficacy and safety to ensure they meet the needs of patients across different ethnic groups and climatic zones," states Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Deepika Pramod Chopda.
The centers span California from the Oregon border to Mexico, and represent a wide variety of geographic, topographic and climatic zones.
Table 1: Weighted annual efficiencies for each system in different climatic zones Zones Type of Climates HERV ERV HRV System System System Zone Tropical/Megathermal 38% 31% 77% A Climates Zone Dry Climates 61% 58% 73% B Zone Temperate/Mesothermal 53% 20% 72% C Climates Zone Continental/Microthermal 59% 57% 69% D Climates Zone Polar Climates 62% 63% 63% E Note: The efficiencies shown for the HRV system represent sensible efficiency only, while the HERV and ERV systems show a combined Sensible & Latent efficiency.
To determine whether an under-floor heating system is suitable for use in the different climatic zones in Lebanon, and to compare the theoretical performance of this system with that of a conventional convective system (systems that are in almost exclusively used in Lebanon), simulations are carried out for a typical living room space.
It is a showcase of nature's beauty, with 9 of the existing 11 climatic zones, that offers blooming spring, gloomy winter, warm summer and fragile autumn, etc.
Keeping in view the vital role of demonstration in research, PCRWR had established its research and demonstration farms in different climatic zones of the country: irrigated, rain fed, desert and mountainous areas and research on use of high efficiency water management/conservation technologies for enhanced agricultural production was conducted and demonstrated on these Farms, for the awareness of the farmers of that area", he added.
They travel 9000 kilometres around Australia, through six climatic zones, and with only two baby boomers on board, they have to face many hardships which have the potential to become disastrous.
Muortat explained that food items and drugs can get damaged while in stores, as most of these commodities are manufactured in different climatic zones and temperatures.
Another fascinating place to visit right in the heart of Swansea city centre is Plantasia - an impressive trop-ical hothouse glass pyramid housing more than 5,000 exotic plants in three climatic zones.