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of or relating to a climate


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Having knowledge about climatic comfort of the days that tourists visit tourist sites is the most valuable factor for planners, and planners require environmental data before, after and during visiting the site.
For example, all the design climatic values have been calculated using the hourly records, irrespective of whether or not they're the maximum temperature of the day.
The PARC Chairman said the Council is aware of the climatic change and challenges and has established a specialized Institute to take care of research in the field.
Variability selection suggests that evolution, when faced with rapid climatic fluctuation, should respond to the range of habitats encountered rather than to each individual habitat in turn; the timeline of variability selection established by Dr Grove suggests that Homo erectus could be a product of exactly this process.
The climatic tunnels will simulate extreme weather conditions for testing vehicles at the company's technology centre in Sindelfingen, Germany.
As mankind searches for the missing puzzle pieces to predictions of long-term climatic cycles, many and most of the unanswered questions will be now evident in this discovery of true planetary motions and rhythmic climatic changes.
These results suggest that a few severe winters in the Northern Hemisphere are not sufficient to indicate that climatic change has ceased.
RARE southern species of birds are on the increase in the British Isles as a result of climatic change, say North East experts.
Manufacturers' shelf life data have to be substantiated for an extremely wide range of climatic conditions with respect to transportation, storage and trading conditions.
Wall of Voodoo's climatic cycles were controlled by a portable computer accessible to all, which transformed spectators into demigods capable of tampering with the forces of nature.
Not surprisingly, then, park trees in the Seattle study were able to maintain the growth process under most climatic conditions.
This rapid automated Bio-Climatic analysis from IES provides early directional substance to what form and grammar a building should take in order to respond to fundamental climatic demands.
The key features of the facility are two climatic chambers with weathering walls as per EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Approvals) guidelines.
The contents of this publication may be reprinted or otherwise used freely, with proper credit to the National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, North Carolina, USA.
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