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of or relating to a climate


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To cope with the climatic issues adoption of the National Climate Change Policy 2012 provided a comprehensive framework for policy goals and actions towards mainstreaming climate change, especially in economically and socially vulnerable sectors of the country.
Last week, the Platform 19A of South Pars gas field was successfully installed as climatic conditions for the purpose was favorable.
He said besides climatic changes in the region, Pakistan is facing scarcity of national resources and with the holding of such conference it would give a guideline to the scientists to look into that direction.
The three cultures examined provide a series of contrasting phases of development and stagnation/decline which are closely linked to the climate and climatic effects of the associated regions.
A selection of 22 papers looks at the impact of freeze and thaw, wet and dry cycle, rainfall, flooding, and other climatic factors on designing, building, preserving, and maintaining transportation infrastructure.
Climatic wind tunnels can simulate the various environmental conditions found around the world: snow, rain, wind and heat.
We conceive of responding to climatic change by science as linking observations, perceptions, and explanations of climatic change.
Variability selection suggests that evolution, when faced with rapid climatic fluctuation, should respond to the range of habitats encountered rather than to each individual habitat in turn; the timeline of variability selection established by Dr Grove suggests that Homo erectus could be a product of exactly this process.
Mercedes-Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI), has completed the construction of two climatic tunnels.
Mr Hunt says his climatic model simulations support what is clear from recent observations--that in addition to the role of climate change linked to human activity, natural variability produces periods where the global climate can be either cooler or warmer than usual.
He covers conceptual models for changing landscapes; the impact of Pleistocene-Holocene climatic changes on desert streams; lithologic controls of geomorphic responses to climate change on desert hill slopes; the climatic geomorphology of a lofty, semi-arid to sub-humid mountain range; changing climate, geomorphic processes, and landscapes in a humid fluvial system; and comparing geomorphic responses to climate change in fluvial systems of extremely arid to humid regions.
In view of the above findings, this paper is set to study the contribution of different environmental climatic variables on the yield of three major types of peppers mentioned above in the study area.
Almost 70% of those affected by climatic changes are women; this she attributed to womenAAEs disproportionate dependence on natural resources.
And Derek Morris, chief test engineer at test house TraC, says the need for climatic testing is increasing as the types of materials in use change.
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