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Synonyms for climactic

Synonyms for climactic

of or constituting a climax

Antonyms for climactic

consisting of or causing a climax

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Further observation into the climactic conditions of the Arctic region only reinforce the theory that the marked temperature rise in the region is slated to continue increasing at this rate.
Only Luke places the disputation between those so situated at the climactic moment: one calls to Jesus to aid his escape from the cross (a literal theology of glory), while the other accepts the cross and asks only to be remembered (23:39-42).
En route to that climactic moment, the film is careful to extol the supposed virtues of homosexuals as the suffering saints of bourgeois society.
In the tepid Broadway revival awkwardly staged by David Leveaux, none of the actors are especially well cast, though Lange pulls off the second act's climactic scene.
The structure and orientation was determined by the specific climactic and geological conditions of the site.
Ol'Man River would appeal to boys ages 10-14, sounding more difficult than it is with a nice climactic ending, whereas Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is a very lyrical, tasteful and linearly moving arrangement.
The climactic scene, in which Benoit rides in a sleigh with his drunken uncle and the body of a dead youth, resonates with Canadian cultural mythology, the snowstorm an indication of the tempestuous winds of change about to come.
The climactic chamber MKF is based on the principle of the MK series cold-heat testing chamber.
The temptation is to downplay a fact that would otherwise distract from the climactic point of your book.
It is the climactic event of the week that always begins with the annual WBCA National Convention.
The move came as the European Commission decided to delay by a week the debate and adoption of its proposals for EU ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, the European Programme to fight against climactic change and a European system of emission rights exchange (see details in European Report No 2627, same section).
Finally, as Heather Dubrow's wide-ranging contribution argues, the difficulty of policing the boundaries or frontiers among different worlds -- the domestic, the inside, the agrarian, the national, and the literary -- expresses itself through the trope of the "invasive thief" (211), which appears in a climactic passage of book six.
While scientists still struggle to find exactly how that climactic atmospheric change occurs and how much warming we can actually expect (and what it means in terms of benefits, such as more abundant food crops, as well as risks), politicians and globocrats still meet annually and semi-annually (and sometimes semi-semi-annually) to write the rules which govern the rules written to implement the treaty if and when it ever goes into force.
But Femi might be a piece of the puzzle of Bukuru's past; and their climactic confrontation brings the novel to a dramatic close.
Authorities around the world have repeatedly banned James Joyce's masterpiece Ulysses, usually because of the literally climactic soliloquy of the character Molly Bloom, who unabashedly cries out, "yes I said yes I will Yes" after detailing hererotic exploits.