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a contest whose outcome is uncertain up to the very end

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an episode that ends in suspense

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A regular episode of a soap opera or drama series can be compelling but there's nothing quite like a dramatic cliffhanger to get pulses racing, especially if your curiosity isn't resolved for months while you're waiting for a new series to start.
Caption: Rockies Brewing Company of Boulder, CO, has released Cliffhanger Spring/Summer Ale.
Former British-trained sprinter Cliffhanger took the honours on the opening day of the 2001/02 season in Hong Kong with victory in the six-furlong feature race at Sha Tin, writes Nick Pulford.
The cliffhanger the networks so poorly covered did offer some benefits though.
The biggest films of the season-rising Sun, The Fugitive, Cliffhanger, In the Line of Fire, The Firm, Last Action Hero, Jurassic Park--have mostly employed women in the most fleeting and tangential of roles.
So whether the cliffhanger gets resolved or not will be (http://comicbook.
EASTENDERS running out of ideas, to the point that Tuesday's duff-duffs cliffhanger was Lee asking Whitney to text him when she got to Milton Keynes.
There follows an awful lot of gunfights and action setpieces before a cliffhanger ending that sets things up for the final instalment, The Death Cure, due in 2017.
The episode opens with Dexter Morgan seemingly on the run from Debra Morgan, who discovered his dark secret at the cliffhanger of the Season 6 finale.
CLIFFHANGER SKY ACTION THRILLER, 9pm Sly Stallone enjoyed one of his many comebacks with this fantastic edge of mountain drama from director Renny Harlin.
I HOPED the end was in sight for the Bradley-Stacey-Max love triangle in East-Enders with last week's wedding - but the producers dragged it out with a camcorder cliffhanger.
For Grant, who won the national under 14 title in 2005, but lost a tense cliffhanger to Hampshire's Sian Medlow, in the final last year, victory was particularly sweet as she again faced Medlow, 15, and chalked up a confident 6-1 6-2 victory to take the title.
It beat films such as the original version of The Italian Job which is still loved for its cliffhanger ending.
The Rockies Brewing Company of Boulder, CO, has reported the release of its latest limited-edition seasonal brew, Boulder Cliffhanger.