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a contest whose outcome is uncertain up to the very end

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an episode that ends in suspense

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SHOWCASE: American saxophone tenor Harry Allen (right) teams up with Randy Sandke (below) for an album entitled Cliffhanger, featuring tracks Let's Face the Music and Dance and Listen to Nobody Else But Me
The joy of the cliffhanger, of course, is that there's always the promise of resolution as long as a show is re-commissioned.
The cliffhanger the networks so poorly covered did offer some benefits though.
Morris calls the book, "the most gripping tale of a man's successful battle against his conscience since Albert Speer's cliffhanger Inside the Third Reich.
Like Sylvester Stallone in the movie Cliffhanger, someone has come to whisk you off the mountain.
The biggest films of the season-rising Sun, The Fugitive, Cliffhanger, In the Line of Fire, The Firm, Last Action Hero, Jurassic Park--have mostly employed women in the most fleeting and tangential of roles.
Big tricks such as the Indian Air, Cliffhanger and Tsunami
CLIFFHANGER SKY ACTION THRILLER, 9pm Sly Stallone enjoyed one of his many comebacks with this fantastic edge of mountain drama from director Renny Harlin.
The Rockies Brewing Company of Boulder, CO, has reported the release of its latest limited-edition seasonal brew, Boulder Cliffhanger.
The towering Dolomites, dramatically depicted in Syvester Stallone's film Cliffhanger, have been an important centre of world climbing since the turn of the century.
Broken up into a series of four-part related story arcs, this season's first few episodes tie up the loose ends left over from the second season cliffhanger.
This was the amazing cliffhanger fans of TV's How Do They Do That?
New York & Company took a savvy gamble on the series' cliffhanger when they approached the pair a few months ago.
CLIFFHANGER (1993) Stallone's rescue ranger found himself playing a mountainside game of cat and mouse with a master thief (John Lithgow).
Whether it's Den and Angie with the 'I'm dying' and 'Oh really, here's the divorce papers' stand-off, or poor Lofty being jilted by Michelle back in 1985, or more recently the will-they, won't-they cliffhanger surrounding the marriage of secret bisexual Syed and bride Amira.