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a member of the Anasazi people living in the southwestern United States who built rock or adobe dwellings on ledges in the sides of caves

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The Dover Cliff Dweller was a two-hander about a man who lives on the Dover cliff top and, like Our Country's Good, was based on true events.
JEWEL IN THE CROWN: The Mesa Verde National Park - home to the ancient cliff dwellers of Colorado.
Composed of close-up or distant shots of cityscapes and high rise buildings, these images--inspired by Hitchcock's Rear Window as seen through the lens of Andreas Gursky--team with almost imperceptible yet tragically telling details of modern-day cliff dwellers.
The 'Anasazi' is reputed to be a direct descendent of beans grown 1,500 years ago by cliff dwellers in the Southwest United States.
Other important works illustrated in this book are Stuart Davis' One Mellow Pad, George Bellows' Cliff Dwellers, Thomas Hart Benton's Cradling Wheat and Georgia O'Keeffe's Brooklyn Bridge.
director of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago; a member of the Chicago Crime Commission; director and treasurer of the Highland Park Hospital Board; president of the Cliff Dwellers, a social organization devoted to developing higher standards in the fine arts; and a member of the Exmoor Country Club, the University Club of Chicago and Kiwanis International.
In a few pages, she reverently details the spiritual history of his ancient, animist culture of cliff dwellers whose very name alludes to their powers of survival.
As with other cliff dwellers, the aoudad's hooves are relatively large, equipped with soft, rubbery center pads, and edged with a sharp rim of hard nail, a combination that provides sure traction on almost any surface.
Practitioners of the Arts and Crafts movement, many of whom belonged to the Cliff Dwellers Club, a social organization for artists, authors, and businessmen, advocated the incorporation of Indian motifs in the decorative arts.
This is now populated by the Eloi, vegetarian hippie cliff dwellers whose number includes Maya (singer Samantha Mumba) and their nemesis the ape-like Morlocks who regularly raid the village for mates and meat.
In Stockholm and New York 1893 he published The Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde, Southwestern Colorado: Their Pottery and Implements.
by Ambrose Bierce, hair-raising tales of the supernatural; The Cliff Dwellers, a novel about the relationships of people working in a Chicago skyscraper, by Henry Blake Fuller; Nights with Uncle Remus, another of the popular collections of tales by Joel Chandler Harris; The World of Chance by William Dean Howells, expressing a stark view of life and society; The Heavenly Twins by Sarah Grand (pen name of Mrs.
A source for the best bluebird houses we've seen (ones that are easy to clean and have extra-thick entry holes to keep out raccoon paws) is Cliff Dwellers, Box 29340, Shreveport, La.