cliff diving

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diving into the water from a steep overhanging cliff

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The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is the world's most prestigious series of high cliff diving competitions, with men jumping from 27-28 meters and women from 20-21 meters.
Known for its extreme cliff diving, a long queue of daredevils had already formed by the time we arrived to plunge the 35ft-deep, crystal-clear plunge pool.
Orlando Duque, of Colombia, dives from the 27-metre platform at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Pembrokeshire
Though cliff diving is an extreme sport, and one in which Artem has had several crashes and injuries, he said he is actually a pretty calm guy.
Britain's Gary Hunt won the seventh and final round and claimed the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series championship.
Summary: Britain's Gary Hunt wins in the Oman leg of the Cliff Diving World Series.
It was the fourth contest of the global Red Bull cliff diving series and spectators saw a tight competition won by Russian Artem Silchenko, 28, who pulled off a perfect back armstand dive from the 92ft cliff edge.
IF HE had shot off to Acapulco to take part in the cliff diving, he could not have hurtled downwards at a greater speed.
During her trip, she went surfing, scuba diving, cliff diving and discovered a new hobby: playing the flute, which she said in her weblog was easier to play than a guitar in bad weather.
And for others there are exciting activities like cliff diving in Langkawi.
95) packs in the color action photos to accompany discussions of cliff diving, skateboarding, sky flying and more.
There are human beings currently inhabiting this planet who think that scaling Kilimanjaro, diving with sharks in the Barrier Reef, hiking through the Continental Divide, snow-shoeing across Antarctica, cliff diving in Fiji, paddling through fjords in Iceland, offroading through Senegal, swamp-buggy riding through the Louisiana Bayou, whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, heli-skiing in British Columbia, scuba diving in Bonaire and surfing off that seven-mile stretch of Oahu known as the North Shore should be experienced at any cost before our time is up.
Even if you are not ready to go down to Sedona for a weekend of nude therapeutic massages or cliff diving off Rio's Copacabana, you need to try something wilder than visiting the Space Needle (unless you plan to climb it hand in hand with a partner).
Stephanie Martin describes her son as "kind of a wild guy" who loves camping, fishing, four-wheeling, mountain biking, cliff diving - anything that involves taking a chance.