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Synonyms for clientele

Synonyms for clientele

customers or patrons collectively


Synonyms for clientele

customers collectively

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Nick Maclean, managing director, CBRE Middle East, said: "These key appointments reflect our drive and commitment to further bolster our expertise and ability to offer consultancy services to our growing clientele in the region.
Par contre, la commercialisation est cette histoire qui capte l'attention d'une clientele prospective.
The clientele will be served by a new team of front-end and tech support professionals who have got international customer management experience.
At the Commerce Casino, the clientele is about 80 percent Asian; predominantly Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean, said Gustin.
The clientele who enter Brousseau's clinic are from all walks of life, with about 65 percent women, averaging in age from 35 to 60.
Shavlik chose Clientele CRM because it provides a single-source solution that offers everyone who interacts with customers access to the same information, making for a smooth transition from sales to support and resulting in more satisfied customers.
The scheme is a thoughtful and original response to what must be the increasingly exigent demands of the London restaurateur who has to contend with the changing fashions of a capricious clientele.
Epicor's customer relations management product is Clientele, which has various modules (such as sales and marketing and customer support) that integrate into Epicor's back office and financial products.
Of 64 women who served a "lower class" clientele, 42 had AIDS antibodies, while 8 of 26 with a "highter class" clientele had antibodies; no overt disease has yet been seen.
Appendix D: Suggested Competencies for Providing School Psychological Services to Culturally Diverse Clientele.
Summary: United Arab Bank, or UAB, has launched a leadership series entitled 'The Champions Forum' for its high net worth clientele, who will receive exclusive reward experiences, starting with an all-expense paid luxury trip in 2014 to Brazil.
According to Rappaport, about 80 percent of the clientele who visit a doctor or physical therapist at Synergy follow up by using a personal trainer after completing physical therapy.
The doctors had researched their potential clientele so thoroughly that they were confident their clients, the media, and the medical community would get the word out about the business.
a world-class developer in the document imaging market, has selected Epicor's Web services-based Clientele Customer Support and Clientele Self-Service Portal to automate and manage the Web portion of its customer service processes.
We believe our Sudbury expansion is a great fit for Trane and a great fit for our Northern Ontario clientele," says Guy Bourbonniere, District Manger for the Trane Central Canada region.