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relation of a client to a patron

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Hussain was upbeat about the Global Village's success in the coming years and said all necessary action will be taken to further improve the event and diversify its clientage.
Rather than the other terms invoking land, region, and territory, this captures a "hinterland policy which does not privilege one form of outreach over another and which acknowledges the importance of informal contacts through clientage, patronage, and kinship as well as bilateral economic agreements" (page 218).
The first words of Edward II underline how Marlowe's concept of sublime power coincided with the disruption of feudal clientage networks by the centralizing politics of the absolutist state, and with the subversive "world of the favorite" that this set in train.
Muhammad Bilal Sheikh has said the number of Sindh Bank's branches across the country would reach 225 by the end of year 2014 "Sindh Bank is progressing and moving forward with impressive branch network across the country and growth in its clientage.
After the formal RFP process is completed, it comes time for finalists' presentations: The advisory firms send in representatives to meet directly with the sponsor and plan committee in an effort to win their clientage.
is actually nothing more than a return to the clientage practiced for centuries by the Afghan oligarchy.
Yemen, Indonesia, and Bangladesh also have a good number of clientage and Islamic microfinance has satisfactory demand in Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, and Tunisia.
These groups sometimes join different political parties, whereas in some cases they are found in same party under the patronage of a common patron trough whose clientage they articulate their respective interests.
The military proper is placed in a wider context: private armies, labor and urban defense obligations, and the system of clientage are all described as they evolved and were adapted to suit the needs of different host cultures.
Third, both Angola and Nigeria are classic clientage states badly in need of infrastructure development.
Wright's stance in 'Blueprint'--breaking with a recent past corrupted by cultural clientage, discarding inauthentic literary forms, crafting a new literature from traditional folk sources and shaping an assertive group ethos--would later underpin his central role among the diaspora intellectuals who founded Presence Africaine in Paris in 1947.
As many as 22 private sector banks, five fighting fit; seven foreign banks floating new schemes to attract borrowers for business increase, and four specialized banks have been a challenge, more so for the public sector banks, not usually preferred by micro and macro- economic activities more vividly and expanded too in the private sector to have clientage coordination with this sector.
1493-1820 (Edinburgh, 1998); Cathcart, Kinship and Clientage, pp.
Bilal Mustafa also mentioned the BOK Raast Islamic Banking Group is actively working on new Islamic Products and with the establishment of new Islamic Banking branches will further enhance its clientage.
actions differed from those tried in the church courts in placing more emphasis on evaluating or interpreting the marriage in order to determine the amount of compensation due to the husband: trials therefore focused on such issues as how emotionally secure the bond between husband and wife had been or the extent to which the third party had violated bonds of friendship, family loyalty or clientage in depriving the husband of the "comfort and society" of his wife.