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Synonyms for clickety-click

a fast and rhythmic click-clack

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Ross Symington and Mark Allan both scored clickety-click 66 for Bates.
The scroll wheel has two gears for switching between high-speed, almost friction-less scrolling and clickety-click precision manoeuvres.
Many older people will remember the clickety-click, the rhythm heard as trains passed over the expansion joints between rails joined together with fishplates.
Clickety-click as they say in cyberspace - Clarissa.
The clickety-click (of personal computer keyboards), it just isn't the same.
Insert sad face emoji here* CLICKETY-CLICK There is now such a thing as a selfie shoe in which you insert a phone and take a pic.
However, as soon as I sit down to my keyboard to type a few words, she hears the faint clickety-click of the delete key being bashed in frustration, wakes up in her nursery half a mile away, and decides to give us a rousing rendition of Cry Baby Cry by The Beatles, as sung by The Clangers.
HERE'S this week's extra chance to clickety-click and scoop a jackpot in the great Mirror Triple Chance Bingo game.
The new engine and a solid firm suspension make for some entertaining moments at roundabouts and bends where a quick clickety-click from the gearbox rows the car along.
Everyone think it's clickety-click but one third of clothes get returned.
In the past, railway trains with the nail and jointed rails set up constant clickety-click which could be very annoying if you lived beside a busy line.
Now, a policeman's presence can be detected by the clickety-click of stress balls they've been issued with by the North Wales force in a pounds 5,000 ``diversity training scheme''.
And superstar Bono regularly hosts special bingo nights at his Dublin mansion where celebrity mates clickety-click into the early hours.
The pace can be slow, over old-fashioned railways that give out the familiar clickety-click you no longer hear in this country.