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Synonyms for clickety-clack

a fast and rhythmic click-clack

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the gang, again dressed in stereotypical "farm" apparel, drives the clickety-clack tractor to a fair at the Clubhouse Farm.
As he reached his dressing room, he could hear the clickety-clack coming his way more rapidly than before.
MBTA customers want more clickety-clack, clickety-clack - and less yakety-yak, tap, tap, beep, beep, yak.
AFTER A RECORD-BREAKING snowfall on December 22, 1963, that left Memphis, Mississippi, with 14 inches on the ground, my father, two older sisters and I listened to the clickety-clack of snow chains whirring along treacherous roads as we drove to our Dixieland farm.
Silence gradually came to fill his hours and the unending clickety-clack of the horse's hooves made him soporific.
Pat's shouting, Janine's screaming, Phil's growling, but all anyone hears is the clickety-clack of the train.
He is learning "The Friendly Book," whose version for two-year-olds says: "I like trains-short trains, long trains, freight trains, passenger trains, trains that cross the plains, trains that go clickety-clack.
There's the train whistle in the distance of the orange juice train heading up North, and if the window's open you can even hear the clickety-clack of the wheels.
the clickety-clack of them on pavement making me feel
To demonstrate what he meant, he--on the spot--created a prototype with notches carved into Learning Curve's track to produce a clickety-clack sound.
We who disdain the Jet Set, we who proudly count ourselves in the Clickety-Clack Set, we positively revel in the feeling of endless horizons rattling interminably by.
In the brief interludes between breaking waves, gentle sounds emerge: the clickety-clack of lava boulders being pushed by surging whitewater, tradewinds whipping across dry dune grasses.
Upon reaching this section in her knitter's manual, one might think that the knitter, regardless of how skilled she might be, would stop the clickety-clack of her needles at least long enough to use one, if not both, to scratch her head in puzzlement.
Tech credits, including a clickety-clack score and theme song by helmer's son, Adam Lynch, are generally polished, though not enough to smooth over plot's many absurdities.
Unfortunately, each clickety-clack signaled shock and vibration that took a severe toll in wear on both rails and trains.