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a succession of clicks

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Now you hear click-clacking of high heels echoing in that space, camera out of focus.
In another corner was Noise Life 2, 2008-14, a small room housing two superimposed image streams: a silent video projection showing an old ethnographic film of a ritual cow slaughter, and a click-clacking slide carousel depicting cosmic nebulae and forensic photographs (bullet shells, human bones, burned-out train cars) mainly related to violence in India's northeast.
If I were an English woman, I would be raging that these vulgar dollybirds, click-clacking their high heels across Germany, are seen as ambassadors for my country.
I remember being in the ground after the first time I did filming on the pitch and I still had my boots on and was click-clacking down to the trailer and some fan recognised me from the pitch and yelled `Hey Harris, you played great'," he said.
Which reminds me: a friend of a friend happened to mention the other day that they were in Colin's Bridewell this time last year when a party of Liverbirds, slightly the worse for wear after a day-out at Aintree, poured in and spent the next couple of hours acclimatising themselves to the geography of the bar by click-clacking along the passageway to the powder room while hanging on to the wall for dear life at the same time.
Her tap class was starting soon and she hoped the room of diners would quickly clear up so she could start click-clacking away on the room's hardwood floors.
Well, the crotchety old maids and boney-arsed bogman who live within close proximity to the museum came to feel that the sounds of skateboards click-clacking about the grounds were starting to drown out the ambiance of sirens, horns, and homeless entrepreneurs who are temporarily out of work, cash, and mind.
When I boarded The Chiller, I expected a click-clacking chain to haul my car up a lift hill, a roller coaster's first peak.
and shows a noirish shot of a pair of fine feminine gams click-clacking down a sidewalk, when the streetlight is suddenly, terrifyingly shattered.