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a succession of clicks

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From our sleek new quarters, can I still listen for the ghostly click-clack of busy typewriters, or smell the stale whiskey from newsmen who took surreptitious breaks at the long-gone Eden?
He followed her up the stairs, distracted, for no more than a split-second, by her pencil skirt and the click-clack of her heels.
Click-clack, click-clack went the sound of her knitting needles.
THE click-clack of a tonga horse's hooves got drowned in the din of a motor car's engine many decades ago.
Forget the click-clack of the heels and strap up these stylish sandals to stand apart in the crowd.
Their voices fill the street, a great rolling hum of discussion rising and falling with the click-clack of heels on the rain-spotted pavement a rhythm running through it, a soft song without words that spreads out over the night like a blanket.
APERO ELECTRO #4 [a monthly artsy-trendy party-gathering, open to all; in May with Andrei / Cotton Records_ dj set, Disco Dancer_ cinema, Click-Clack "moustache mish-mash"_ design, Moustache_ party] May 8, 7.
The bright click-clack / of mahjong tiles / keeps time / in the key of light.
Stunningly realistic mannequins and replica body parts fill the aisles, and women click-clack around atop towering heels.
THE sound of jazz is mingling with the click-clack of needles in a trendy Coventry wine bar.
Smaller bucks are still sparring, and I've spent entire evenings listening to the click-clack of antlers as young bucks tested each other.
As Noqreh's white stiletto shoes click-clack across this broken land, ideals and reality come head-to-head.
While the click-clack of 70-year-old looms will cease, the carefully guarded trimming process and wall paper printing divisions will remain.
The sounds of the wailing whistle, the click-clack of the slightly unround wheels on the uneven track and the throb of the old 4-4-2 engine as it labored up the Millerville grade etched themselves into my memory.
They can make the click-clack sounds as they ascend the steep incline.