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perform or finish an action rapidly

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My friends make fun of me because if I see my name somewhere, I just click off of it," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
Check if a propagator has a thermostat to control the temperature constantly and click off if a room gets too warm, says Richard Gianfrancesco, head of research at Which?
Check whether the heated propagator has a thermostatic control which will control the temperature more constantly and click off if the room temperature becomes too warm," says Richard Gianfrancesco, head of research at Which?
Whether you're following a click off Google, you're hopefully going to view a very optimized landing page based on what those keywords were," he says.
The nurses have to click off that they have completed the order," and it cannot be ignored or overridden.
WORCESTER - All right, no cheating - click off Google and try to guess what country the Wellesley Islands are a part of.
Planning on getting a little jump on the long drive to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, we decided to click off a couple of hours on Friday night as soon as Debbie got off work.
If you send visitors to the home page, there's a greater chance prospective students will just click off the site, rather than take the time to click on a number of links to find the specific program.
Funny, I was just about to click off Sloganizer when it delivered this: There's only one way to be Weinstock.
You also want to restrict access, so that people can't click off to go to check their Yahoo e-mail or view a video on YouTube.
Just click off the bad site and continue on your search.
Simply click off the "eye" icon adjacent to the black-and-white layer group to see the color version and on to see the black-and-white version.
It's a terrible waste of her talent when a teacher could actually click off attendance on a handheld.
Well, click off the clicker and curl up with something else because a Little Rock writer Friday had a hunch party in West Hollywood, Calif.
The drama that people provided gave others something to click off.