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perform or finish an action rapidly

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Simply click off the "eye" icon adjacent to the black-and-white layer group to see the color version and on to see the black-and-white version.
I start to work in the dark; when the light comes up, I click off the lights.
It's a terrible waste of her talent when a teacher could actually click off attendance on a handheld.
Well, click off the clicker and curl up with something else because a Little Rock writer Friday had a hunch party in West Hollywood, Calif.
The drama that people provided gave others something to click off.
This is in response to recent research by the industry, which showed that Web-users click off if they have to wait more than four seconds for a page to download.
The theological points click off at the end as if Kevin Smith was fully aware of what he was doing, though he may be so possessed by the Catholic imagination that he doesn't have to reflect consciously on what he is telling the audience about God.
In the future, Click TV will be a beatific fusion of television and the web, but intermediate versions will attach a mouse to the TV, superimpose icons on the screen, and allow us to click off what we hate.
Thanks to the foul weather performance of their carbon-reinforced, polyurethane Gates belt drive as well as Gates chainrings and rear sprockets with patented Mud Ports[TM], the Oskar Blues team was able to click off consistently fast laps while their competitors struggled to complete a lap in two or three times their normal rate.
Customers who were unfamiliar with the firm were very likely to click off or unsubscribe from emails with personalized greetings.
Victims told how it was impossible to click off the site and you ended up being charged even if you didn't download any images.
It's a tough economy out there so rewarding shoppers with even a $5 gift card for their loyalty is a much better investment than paying $5 for a banner ad click off where the shopper sees no benefit," said Adam Roe, Lunchbox CEO.
Then, so as to not make the misery any worse, I click off it immediately and don't return until the little red warning light appears on the main speedometer.
Check whether the heated propagator has a thermostatic control to control the temperature and click off if the room becomes too warm," says Richard Gianfrancesco, head of research at Which?
It's an energy that you sense just watching the movement of people at the south end of the track, and click off the states and track clubs as they go by - Florida, Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville, Tulsa.