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Synonyms for cliched

Synonyms for cliched

repeated regularly without thought or originality


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Another pal, Doug (Kevin Nealon), a local City Council member, is a cliched incompetent.
The most significant difference between the women might be that Sula accepts the fuzziness of moral categories with her usual good humor, whereas Nel refuses to look at the unacceptable aspects of herself, aspects which confound her cliched thinking.
And I hate to say it but I am bored of sob stories, but the cliched lines are the worst.
Unfortunately, the scenes are generally cliched, and they're delivered with neither sufficient nuance to redeem the cliche nor enough drama to earn the salvation of camp, so the straightforward mother-daughter read is unrewarding.
But it takes him a while, and along the way some pretty good actors - Kathy Bates, Linda Hunt, Joe Morton - pick up a paycheck for playing cliched characters.
Cliched as that sounds - and it's far from the only cliche director Joel Schumacher indulges in his original script - Rusty the committed transvestite is nonetheless brought to vivid, hyper-charged life by Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Red-Horse said she made the film to present an alternative to the movie industry's scarce and cliched portrayals of American Indians.
The almost pitiable Davis is convincingly delusional, but nothing can salvage this Canadian pic's cliched script.