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the cords used to suspend a hammock

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It had, I say, in every respect, the appearance of its fellow in the other window; but this fact was an absolute nullity (conclusive us it might seem to be) when compared with the consideration that here, at this point, terminated the clew.
The police are at fault - they have failed to procure the slightest clew.
It was not till I was a young man, at college, that I got any clew to the significance of my dreams, and to the cause of them.
On the one shelf at the library he found Karl Marx, Ricardo, Adam Smith, and Mill, and the abstruse formulas of the one gave no clew that the ideas of another were obsolete.
As soon as he had got the clew he not only understood but corrected her error.
Suppose I succeeded in escaping from the clutches of Doctor Dulcifer--might I not be casting myself uselessly on the world, without a chance of finding a single clew to trace her by?
Feeling sure that she now had the clew in her hand, Mrs.
I was alone again with my earthly fellow-beings--left with no clew to guide me but the remembrance of the child's hand pointing eastward to the distant sea.
A DETECTIVE searching for the murderer of a dead man was accosted by a Clew.
Follow me," said the Clew, "and there's no knowing what you may discover.
None of the field hands working in the field to which Williamson was going had seen him at all, and the most rigorous search of the entire plantation and adjoining country failed to supply a clew.
Does 'Yes' mean that there is some sort of clew to the mystery?
He had come up from the south, but never a clew did they get of the owner from whom he had evidently fled.
There is no clew to the name of the organization for which these initials stand.
Finding no clew to her identity either in the letter that she had tried to write or in the wild words that escaped her from time to time, it was decided to search her luggage, and to look at the clothes which she had worn when she arrived at the hotel.