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a coupler shaped like the letter U with holes through each end so a bolt or pin can pass through the holes to complete the coupling

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Direct connect swivels offer a thread ahead of the swivel to connect with a tab or clevis option, while a threaded tab offers a pulling eye for connections on pullback.
The MaxMechanical line of products are made in the USA, including a large selection of Insulation Protection Shields that protect pipes and fit into Clevis Hangers from 1/2” up to 12”.
This allowed users to hitch an implement to old-style tractors without a clevis or, by removing the clevis, have a base ring hitch suitable for newer tractors with hammer straps.
Big blades also match best with heavier line and a larger clevis.
The clevis and rod assemblies are able to compensate for slight misalignment, which is said to help provide accurate and repeatable weighing.
Heavy-duty tension cylinder features a self-aligning rear clevis
Used mainly with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, the Metric fork heads (yokes) come in two types--one available with a clevis pin and circlip, the other a clevis pin with snap-on securing collar.
Made from DOKA-MONO 1601, the trapezoidal elements vary in length from 1 to 25m, and are attached to the framework using the Haver & Boecker tension profile and clevis screw system.
2 efficiency rating, can be driven at 2 hp maximum, and is available with top plate, clevis end, or threaded end mounts.
Flange widths from 50 to 300mm can be accommodated, with accurate adjustment provided by a threaded clevis pin which is secured with locknuts.
The company invented the Clevis in 1942, an end component forming part of a cabling assembly which is found in most of today's vehicles.
But for the buckets, castings play a role in two areas--a one-piece cast lip at the front of the bucket and right and left clevis plate castings where the chains attach to the bucket.