clever clogs

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an intellectual who is ostentatiously and irritatingly knowledgeable

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THOSE clever clogs at Audi have built a car that runs on the building blocks of water and emits nothing but steam.
THE Rep's new artistic director, Jonathan Church, is proving to be quite a clever clogs.
CLEVER clogs Carol Vorderman yesterday swapped square roots for hair roots after bleaching her locks blonde.
uk CLEVER CLOGS * YOU may think this is one craze that'll never take off, but it is heavily endorsed by parents and lots of kids are utterly addicted.
Clever Clogs day nursery has 48 places for children aged from birth to eight years, though all 43 currently on the roll are within the early years category.
The Clever Clogs Nurseries, which has two branches in County Durham, held a special ceremony to say goodbye to the youngsters who will be starting primary school in September.
YFC clever clogs BRAINBOX young farmers from Betws yn Rhos proved that last's year's county YFC quiz victory was not just a flash in the pan.
Oh, and apparently clever clogs Chantelle's even a dab hand in the CCDWM kitchen.
BBC Two Wales, 9pm Professor of mathematics Marcus Du Sautoy takes a look at the nature vs nurture debates surrounding what it takes to create a clever clogs.
Gulp rETAiL THErAPY with Jon Perks T here are some clever clogs who have all their present shopping sorted by the middle of November, but they won't be on our Christmas card list.
For the most part you can't yet, of course, but you will be able to do, once these clever clogs have finished.
The clever clogs have taken all the 20-1 about Kirovski but there's still plenty of 12-1.
The clever clogs at Rachel's Organic have come up with this simple, fresh alternative to sweeties - using yoghurt.
uk ADVENTUROUS youngsters at Clever Clogs nursery love the great outdoors.
I don't think were being clever clogs by simplifying like this.