clever Dick

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an intellectual who is ostentatiously and irritatingly knowledgeable

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It is obvious to someone who has never been down a coal mine that A Geggie, whom I have never met or even heard of, is a hands-on experienced mining technician who has expressed in about four column inches of your newspaper, more sound technical sense than all the highly educated degree touting clever dicks that abound from our universities put together or could ever muster in their lifetime.
You probably also know it's a Malapropism as well, clever Dicks (or dicks?
Clever Dicks visits New Zealand's snowy mountains, where wild parrots called Keas display incredible skills in solving string-pulling problems.
The game is Play Your Cards Right for clever dicks.
Mr C has his strings pulled by clever dicks who use him to say things they'd never say to my face.
Some clever dicks might point out that nobody'll remember the winning semi-finalists either, but I wouldn't dream of being so disrespectful.
S said: "What a shame they're all such clever dicks in Corbridge.
Corbridge is an upmarket village and the businesses have done a lot to keep that image over the years and if that means we are labelled as clever dicks, then so be it.
THE smug clever dicks return for a new series of the `irreverent' sport quiz, writes Bruce Millington.
OKAY, I've heard enough from all these clever dicks, these pseudo progressives who love to go on about how marvellous the English football team will be if we get a foreign coach in.
But of course I'll leave that to the clever dicks among you to get to the bottom of.
And when it came to France '98 there was only one team the clever dicks had eyes for - Yugoslavia.