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an intellectual who is ostentatiously and irritatingly knowledgeable

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But the real clever dick is the hairdresser who convinces them to cough up a fortune to have this done to them.
BATTLING Moseley were outsmarted by Bedford's Clever Dick in yet another Billesley Common classic.
Of course any clever dick can shove an unfeasibly large engine beneath the bonnet of anything small enough to accommodate it but that does not guarantee a good performance car.
YOU'VE got to be a clever dick to win the new quiz show QI (BBC2,Thursday) ,but that doesn't mean you have to get the answers right.
THE plaudits are for Smart Alex rather than Clever Dick after Rangers changed the complexion of the entire Scottish football season.
Part musical, comedy and fantasy, it is set in Depression-era Deep South and follows clever dick Everett (George Clooney) a man who is more concerned about his hair than anything else, Pete (John Turturro) and none-too-bright Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson) a band of convicts who escape from a chain gang to seek out some hidden treasure.
The six-year-old was beaten only a neck by Pipe hotpot Clever Dick in a 2m4f handicap hurdle at Taunton on her final outing last season in February, posting a career-high RPR.
Hohlethelonely was carrying a penalty for a recent success at Exeter and Harry Challoner survived a late burst from 3-1 favourite Clever Dick.
CLEVER DICK was heavily backed on his handicap debut at Huntingdon yesterday and looked unlucky to not get off the mark, so all those who backed the 3-1 favourite should allow him the chance to make amends.
All right, clever dick, if I'm right, I expect an apology," he said.
He does not attempt to be a clever dick ( if the ball needs launching he will boot it into Row Z.
And the prognosis will be fatal unless some clever dick Florence Nightingale can diagnose the symptoms.
And somewhere in London a cynical seen-it-all-before clever dick television critic went barking mad with infantile excitement.
And two, if I did try to be a Clever Dick, he could always take his revenge in the kitchen before he served the meal.