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It was his idea that I was at a loose end, and that he would do me a good turn by offering me a clerkship in a drygoods store.
Having, as it were, taken formal possession of his clerkship in virtue of these proceedings, he opened the window and leaned negligently out of it until a beer-boy happened to pass, whom he commanded to set down his tray and to serve him with a pint of mild porter, which he drank upon the spot and promptly paid for, with the view of breaking ground for a system of future credit and opening a correspondence tending thereto, without loss of time.
The terms of the agreement include collaboration in education and clinical research, training, preceptorships and clerkships, as well as scholarships and sponsorship for students from CMED and the pharmacy and health science disciplines.
They said Martoma in late December 1998 or early January 1999 used the forged transcripts to apply for clerkships with 23 federal appeals judges.
Numerous prospective clerks appeared unclear about how to seek clerkships after the D.
To help students in a difficult employment market, he created a post-graduate fellowship program, supported expansion of the pre-graduate summer externship program, and initiated a new program to aid students seeking judicial clerkships, which last year enabled UF Law to rank 26th in the nation in the number of graduates obtaining federal judicial clerkships.
Brevorka joins the firm following the completion of judicial clerkships in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the U.
The school leaders argued that allowing students from foreign schools into Texas clerkships would "displace Texas medical students in already limited clinical training settings at hospitals in our state.
Despite a published medical school clinical pathology curriculum, there is limited evidence for programmatic attempts to incorporate pathology teaching into the third- and fourth-year clinical clerkships and even less evidence for determining the educational success of these programs.
Her government service includes clerkships with Hon.
The study asked to what extent factors such as law school pedigree, law review, clerkships and school/class rank actually inform who will ultimately be successful in practice.
The largest number was working in law firms, followed by government and judicial clerkships.
The curriculum was constructed to emphasize student learning across clerkships, allowing the acquisition of medical knowledge and demonstration of clinical skills in one discipline to complement opportunities for learning in other disciplines.
He suggested that the Supreme Court might invite the applications for law clerkships from the outstanding young law graduates to work as apprentice for a period of 1 or 2 years in the apex Court.
This portable study guide contains questions and answers for students in third-year clerkships in pediatrics and those preparing for the USMLE Step 2.