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Synonyms for clerical

Synonyms for clerical

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appropriate for or engaged in office work

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Clerical functions changed from typing, filing, and maintenance of card catalogs, to the input, editing, filing, and maintenance of machine-readable records in both bibliographic utility and in-house databases.
Typically this was a functional area staffed entirely at the clerical support level, though paraprofessionals were occasionally employed in large operations for workflow and employee supervision.
Other types and sizes of libraries assume this to be a high-level clerical function or have a paraprofessional oversee the operation.
As with some other areas described earlier, the majority of circulation activities are done by clerical support staff, sometimes under the supervision of a paraprofessional.
Numbers of clerical support staff decreased, while the number of paraprofessionals increased as they assumed support-level jobs and also work assignments previously done by librarians.