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Synonyms for clerical

Synonyms for clerical

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appropriate for or engaged in office work

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Monarchists had suffered by the abolition of the throne in 1871 and the creation of the Third Republic; clericalists feared a diminution of power at the hands of the republican government; militarists still smarted from the humiliating defeat of the French army at Sedan during the Franco-Prussian War.
These campaigns have in eluded attacks on the religious neutrality of our public schools, threats to freedom of conscience on reproduction, endless attempts to coerce public sup port for sectarian private schools, efforts by authoritarian clericalists to obtain or retain special recognition by and favors from government, and so forth.
While clericalists and monarchists were ascendant in the early days of the Third Republic--hence the building of Sacre Coeur--the rival claims of the Bonapartists, Orleanists, and Legitimists ensured that the republic survived.
They -- her focus is the conforming laity -- were neither clericalists nor anticlericalists.
A Catholic priest, Anton Korosec, the head of the Clericalists, is illustrative of the powerful Catholic political influence between the two world wars.