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Synonyms for clerical

Synonyms for clerical

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appropriate for or engaged in office work

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Certainly Collins has good reason to style Hobbes Erastian; but Hobbes-the-Erastian becomes a monomaniacal monster interested in very little besides slaying subversive clericalists of all stripes.
A series of events divided the country into warring camps, pitching republicans against monarchists, clericalists against secularists, militarists against pacifists, and radicals against reactionaries.
The Bonapartists and clericalists in the French Third Republic are good examples, along with the Ministerials in Sweden after the reform of the Riksdag in 1866.
Hitler realized from the first that he was supporting a broad coalition of anti-red "whites" in Spain, who included not just the fascist Spanish party known as the Falange Espanola de las JONS but monarchists, clericalists, landowners and industrialists, and Carlists, reactionary monarchists with their own paramilitary militia.
All the "kyriachialists" -- sexists, racists, classists, clericalists and more -- have to do is come follow us, repent and make restitution.