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a policy of supporting the influence and power of the clergy in secular or political matters

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It is clericalism then that reveals the Church for what it is - an obstacle to unity, and to dialogue with the other Churches, with other faiths, and with the modern world.
Lopez calls for a deeper application of this thought in his most insightful and incisive analysis of the issue of masculinity in relation to the problem of clericalism in the Church.
With materialistic clericalism laid aside, and Gospelempowered humble shepherding taking its place, we might be able to see the rainbow of hope in the year of the poor," Villegas said.
The attempt of basic Christian communities to overcome this clericalism is relevant to feminism because what disempowers women in ministry is clericalism, which is built on the patriarchal model of relationships.
Second, an unhealthy emphasis on the role of the pastor and clericalism has developed in the RCH churches.
The "rebellious peasants" of that period devoted their efforts to the battle against clericalism, opposition to the aristocracy, bureaucracy and urbanization, and championship of the needs and rights of the individual, especially the small farmer and the agricultural labourer.
The complex nexus between clergy sexual misconduct and the church is colored at every level by the socio-cultural reality known as clericalism.
As a lay, Korean-American theologian, I would have liked to see discussions of the appropriateness of one special synod covering the whole of Asia, with its staggering heterogeneity, lay and women's perspectives, clericalism as a pervasive culture of the Asian church that cripples lay initiative, and the problem of transition from premodern feudal culture to (post)modem secular culture, a problem central to most issues in Asia.
They possessed a liberty of conscience that led them to the New World and enabled them to progress beyond their Old World counterparts still mired in monarchical politics and rampant clericalism.
Anti-clericalism and clericalism both undermine religion or belief and politics.
Havel had written admiringly of the Plastic People of the Universe and contemptuously of their 1976 trial, in which band members were convicted of "extreme vulgarity with an antisocialist and antisocial impact" an of "extolling nihilism, decadence and clericalism.
Spain separated church and state in 1931, as a reaction to the evils of clericalism, a move that helped bring on Franco's successful rebellion in 1936.
He adhered to the view of German pietism that religion was less a matter of ceremony and doctrine than of morality and rational piety, and his classical education and the influence of Pico and other humanists tended to stimulate in him a skeptical, critical attitude toward superstition, clericalism, and excessive religious zeal.
Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen of Parramatta, Australia, speaking to the National Council of Priests of Australia, urged an end to clericalism in the church and expressed hope that a newly revitalized Catholic clergy would emerge from the sex abuse crisis that has wracked the Catholic Church in Australia.
For example, while speaking about the Bishops and Priests, the statement proposes to shun excessive institutionalization, clericalism and extravaganza.