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a stiff white collar with no opening in the front

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The clerical collar told them who I was without a word being spoken.
What if there were a movement among lay Catholics today to wear clerical collars and to take vows of celibacy in order to protest the current state of clerical leadership?
In Dean's Yard in London, lady deacons in clerical collars sang jubilant songs and drank champagne straight out of bottles.
Several priests, she said, came but did not wear their clerical collars.
The very same words have been said to us since the first clerical collars were felt back in the 80s.
I find myself much more interested in the freedoms and rights of young, innocent children than I am in ecumenical matters such as female priests and gay people in clerical collars.
If you're a priest and followed the headlines about pedophiles in clerical collars, you know the feeling.
Anthony Hooke, 45, and his wife Ivy, 46, wore clerical collars and carried fake business cards as part of a ``sophisticated, confident and well executed'' act to gain the trust of shopkeepers.
Stock was given its unusual name because its flowers grow tightly around the stem, much like clerical collars - also known as stocks - are worn around the neck.
His calculations indicate that some one thousand out of over fifty thousand serving American priests "are or have been involved with minors;" of these one thousand, a few hundred are true pedophiles, and "a few dozen in the whole of North America," the sort of predators in clerical collars our media delight in presenting us with.
LONDON -- A British church safety group is advising clergy--from the archbishop of Canterbury on down--to take off their clerical collars when they go out while off duty to reduce the risk of being attacked.
ONE THING you notice in Boston is the number of priests: For a guy from among the lowest-churched states in the union, I sensed, on a recent trip back East, that clerical collars are to Boston what tie-dyed shirts are to Eugene.
It is also why people like you have every right to challenge those of us with clerical collars or pointed hats when you find the need.
There were few clerical collars visible at a daylong conference on "Sexual Betrayal and Scandal in the Roman Catholic Church" held at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital last month.
As he puts it: "After 10 days in Rome, what at first had seemed mere palace intrigue, the petty machinations of careerists in clerical collars, I gradually understood as something more profound, a clash not only of ambitions but also of deeply held beliefs, one that many in the Vatican--particularly at the highest levels--regard as an apocalyptic struggle for the very soul of the church.