clerical collar

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a stiff white collar with no opening in the front

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The clerical collar told them who I was without a word being spoken.
His calculations indicate that some one thousand out of over fifty thousand serving American priests "are or have been involved with minors;" of these one thousand, a few hundred are true pedophiles, and "a few dozen in the whole of North America," the sort of predators in clerical collars our media delight in presenting us with.
There were few clerical collars visible at a daylong conference on "Sexual Betrayal and Scandal in the Roman Catholic Church" held at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital last month.
ONE THING you notice in Boston is the number of priests: For a guy from among the lowest-churched states in the union, I sensed, on a recent trip back East, that clerical collars are to Boston what tie-dyed shirts are to Eugene.
What if there were a movement among lay Catholics today to wear clerical collars and to take vows of celibacy in order to protest the current state of clerical leadership?
In Dean's Yard in London, lady deacons in clerical collars sang jubilant songs and drank champagne straight out of bottles.
It is also why people like you have every right to challenge those of us with clerical collars or pointed hats when you find the need.
If you're a priest and followed the headlines about pedophiles in clerical collars, you know the feeling.
Anthony Hooke, 45, and his wife Ivy, 46, wore clerical collars and carried fake business cards as part of a ``sophisticated, confident and well executed'' act to gain the trust of shopkeepers.
Instead of an almost universal dumbing down, a retreat into "a lifestyle option" mentality with technicians-cum-cheerleaders in clerical collars (or smart power suits), instead of trying to fight in armour designed for us by the winsome and with-it witnessing crowd, we should borrow from our own church history (remember church history?
The family-run business, open since 1876, sells voodoo powders, clerical collars and the largest selection of hats in town.
And usually they wear clerical collars - the sort of people who should be spreading joy at this time of the year instead of humbug and cynicism.