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Synonyms for clerical

Synonyms for clerical

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appropriate for or engaged in office work

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Mercy persisted, and conquered; she made him prove the truth of his own profound observation of clerical human nature by taking a piece of money from the purse.
Yes, he is our first printer," replied the clerical gentleman hastily.
Flambeau had seen quite enough of these daily salutations of Phoebus, and plunged into the porch of the tall building without even looking for his clerical friend to follow.
Flambeau, in wonder, handed this truncated testament to his clerical friend, who glanced at it and silently gave it to the priest of the sun.
It was even less easy to fix the impression in the case of the man at the right end of the table, who, to say truth, was as commonplace a person as could be seen anywhere, with a round, brown-haired head and a round snub nose, but also clad in clerical black, of a stricter cut.
Whosoever has observed that sedate and clerical bird, the rook, may perhaps have noticed that when he wings his way homeward towards nightfall, in a sedate and clerical company, two rooks will suddenly detach themselves from the rest, will retrace their flight for some distance, and will there poise and linger; conveying to mere men the fancy that it is of some occult importance to the body politic, that this artful couple should pretend to have renounced connection with it.
How can I describe the joy with which I now remembered that the precious clerical friends on whom I could rely, were to be counted, not by ones or twos, but by tens and twenties.
There were men, too, of a sturdier texture of mind than his, and endowed with a far greater share of shrewd, hard iron, or granite understanding; which, duly mingled with a fair proportion of doctrinal ingredient, constitutes a highly respectable, efficacious, and unamiable variety of the clerical species.
facing the shortage of 1235 staff members where 864 in Abbottabad and 371 in Mansehra, the positions were lying vacant with 70 percent technical, 30 percent clerical and meter reading staff, he said.
For last 22 years, he said, the bank and its related institutions have been recruiting the clerical and non clerical staff on daily wages.
The association has claimed that Radiologists are being continuously harassed by the Appropriate Authorities for minor clerical mistakes, which are being considered equal to sex determination.
This well-researched and well-written book breaks new ground in our understanding of clerical marriage in the early Reformation and also provides valuable reading for anyone seeking to understand more deeply the theological, social, political, and gender history of this pivotal period in early modern European history.
In the initial year of this deal, clerical staff will increase from 35 to 37 hours, wherein maintenance employees who serve 40 hours will have a 2% salary hike.
With our viable clerical and administrative services, many entrepreneurs, business owners, and people overall, would honestly be able to save finance and focus on creating true wealth for future longevity," said I.
A nuclear achievement, and the recurring hope for better official relations between Washington and Tehran, led the president to ignore the clerical regime's crushing of democratic dissent, which in 2009 put around 3 million people onto the streets of the capital, and the jailing and torturing of American citizens, including a former FBI agent and the Washington Post's Jason Rezaian.