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part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light


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The top edge of the clerestory overhang was placed at a distance and angle from the top of the clerestory windows such that three weeks prior to the equinox, the clerestories were fully covered.
The gate concourses will be top-lit by canted sections with clerestory windows, and arranged with open gate rooms and washrooms on one side and concessions on the other.
In addition to the translucent panels, a ribbon of glass tops many of the interior and exterior walls and acts as a giant clerestory window, flooding the space with light.
Bedroom 2 also has a clerestory window, washing facilities and a door off to a large walk-in store cupboard.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of the existing flat built-up roof systems and sloped metal roof systems with a new hip metal roof system, framing for the hip roof, roof insulation, and clerestory window replacement.
office at Purana Qila: 1 Taking out doors, windows and clerestory window shutters (steel or wood) including stacking within 50 metres lead.
The long, horizontal clerestory window captures light and views of the surrounding trees without sacrificing privacy.
The main space is defined by the double-volume ceiling, which creates a kind of 'Venturi effect' that forces the wind up when clerestory windows above are open, thus releasing warm air accumulated inside the house.
Dismantling doors, windows and clerestory windows (steel or wood) shutter including chowkhats, architrave, holdfasts etc.
One way is to integrale atriums or courtyards and clerestory windows to bring in daylight.
Large state of the art courts totaling 200 square meters include natural illumination using clerestory windows and these are augmented by the natural light that enters via the large patterned glass faأA*ade that enables the public lobbies to be filled with light.
Completion of restoration, in August 2016, of the first set of clerestory windows.
The room's large butterfly floats above the rammed earth wall allowing even indirect natural daylight throughout the day through its clerestory windows," said Herdeg.
The main living room has a pitched ceiling and oversized firebox set into a long, crisp expanse of white brick topped by a row of clerestory windows.
Clerestory windows and doors with side panels that have blinds are good solutions.