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part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light


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On the other hand, in relation to the choir clerestory, the comparisons with St-Ouen and Konigsfelden underline stylistic differences; the continental figures are far more dramatically posed and volumetric, and nothing comparable to the perspectival socles of others of the Rouenais figures is to be seen at Wells.
One word: windows Cotilla's claims that his innovative use of a clerestory, or dome ringed with windows, to introduce light into the stairwell of an alternative center "won't bust anybody's budget.
Encompassing 123,800 square feet, the building features an interior atrium and a 100-foot-tall rotunda that is capped by a patina copper dome wrapped in clerestory windows.
The book includes the sketches for the 16 clerestory windows at St Nicholas Bishopswearmouth, where Evetts designed 46 windows in all.
As Christians Billy Graham and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick prayed with fellow Christians Bush and Cheney in a Christian cathedral where an image of the crucified Christ hung high above the clerestory, I couldn't help but remember an observation of the Hindu Mohandas Gandhi: "The only people on Earth who do not see Christ's teachings as nonviolent are Christians.
As the property is within a conservation area, it has not been extended, and the tasteful conversion retains a wealth of exposed beams, as well as the inclusion of specially-made double glazed clerestory windows.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This furniture manufacturing facility features high under-frame clearances with a clerestory at the ridge to aid with multiple manufacturing processes and natural-flow ventilation enhanced by powered fans that can change the air in the 7.
This pastoral letter emanating from Wisconsin highlights the symbiotic relationship between the rite of Eucharist within the church and its practice outside the clerestory.
We have copied their columns and arches, the high clerestory and the filtered light.
Included is a one and one-half story high bay roof with an additional clerestory that will provide abundant natural lighting.
SageGlass is installed in the atrium's upper story with six rows of hard-to-reach clerestory windows.
Providing wood work in frames of doors, windows, clerestory windows and other frames, wrought framed and fixed in position with hold fast lugs or with dash fasteners of required dia & length ( hold fast lugs or dash fastener % shall be paid for separately).
A continuous strip of clerestory windows provides daylight for the interior spaces.
A glass ceiling and clerestory define the separation between the two structures.