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clock that measures time by the escape of water

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Al-Wabkanawi uses the term pangon in the otherwise similar paragraph in his own Zij, which is originally a simple Iranian clepsydra (Arabicized as bankam) in the shape of a floating bowl (as), having a hole in its apex and two graduated scales (usually drawn with the aid of an astrolabe) for both equal and unequal hours on its peripheral surface.
Image of clepsydra from The Power of Water by Helen Chapman, Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd (1966), as shown in 2005 BST, reproduced with permission from Pearson Australia Group.
Another early timekeeper used by the Egyptians and Greeks was the clepsydra (KLEP se drah) or water clock.
Her Clepsydra, 2000, a bottle suspended mouth down from a stainless-steel brace, drips an indigo solution onto the fl oor, as if to inaugurate a ceremony fusing western antisepsis and African ritual.
The last three essays deal with timepieces, the compartmented cylindrical clepsydra or water clock, devices of considerable mechanical sophistication; the seventeenth-century table clepsydra; and some seventeenth-century efforts towards the construction of magnetic timepieces, many doomed because they relied on perpetual motion, even if they were inspired by a hint from William Gilbert.
Henry Cecil has just one runner this afternoon and CLEPSYDRA (4.
H Offer loads of product information: Web stores may not create the touch-and-feel immediacy of a well-designed package in a retail store, but the Web can do a far better job of answering key customer questions, says Segiu Simmel of Clepsydra Systems.
This approval, together with the worldwide launch in December 2009 of the Clepsydra clinical trial, illustrate Sorin's commitment to strengthen its leadership position in the hemodynamic management of heart failure.
Timepiece 5m Zamindar - Clepsydra K Abdullah 411328-RPR 116 OR 114 She won a Group 1 at 1m last summer and has her share of speed but I think she'll be better at 1m2f this season.
The crescent, yes that alone on the iron face of the clock, for a weight suspending Lucifer, always wounds, always another hour wept in dark drops by the clepsydra, when she, abandoned, wanders, and in her shadow never an angel dogs her inexpressible steps
This approval, combined with the first worldwide enrollment into our CLEPSYDRA (evaluating the effectiveness of the PhD Clinical Status Monitoring feature to detect HF events) clinical trial, also occurring in the U.
Soviet Moon, responsible for the 2010 Derby and Arc hero Workforce, will be covered by Zamindar, as will Clepsydra, dam of last year's Falmouth Stakes winner Timepiece, who is by Zamindar.
After Dictionary of the Khazars (1984), a novel in the form of a lexicon, after Landscape Painted with Tea (1988), a novel in the form of a crossword puzzle, Pavic's next novel, The Inner Side of the Wind, or the Novel of Hero and Leander (1991) is a novel in the form of a clepsydra, the ancient water instrument that measures time.
In this lab, you will be making a timekeeper called a clepsydra (klep se drah) - an ancient Greek drip clock.
The Clepsydra Study Will Evaluate the Effectiveness of PhD[TM], a New Sensor-Based Function Designed to Monitor Patient Clinical Status