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Synonyms for clenched

closed or squeezed together tightly


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We got up, an' I'd a-fallen, only I clenched an' held myself up by him.
he groaned, and the clenched fists were raised again to the infinite despair with which his throat vibrated.
Once more the clenched fists went upward and he groaned.
I think the other would have knocked him down, had he not instinctively started back before that bony fist quivering with rage and clenched till the knuckles gleamed white and glistening through the skin.
In desperation Philip clenched his fist and hit the boy who tormented him, but he was at a disadvantage, and the boy seized his arm.
While he was giving us these confidences, unfortunately, his eyes came to rest, at first accidentally, then wistfully, then with a horrid gleam in them, on the little dog, which was fooling about on the top of the sausage-machine, and his hands went out toward it convulsively, whereat David, in sudden fear, seized the dog in one arm and gallantly clenched his other fist, and then Joey begged his pardon and burst into tears, each one of which he flung against the wall, where it exploded with a bang.
He walked with dilated nostrils and clenched hands, all glowing and tingling with the excitement of the combat, and warmed with the thought that he could still, when there was need, take his own part in a street brawl in spite of his three-score and odd years.
No sooner was he over the threshold than Daddy Mathieu slammed the door after him and, turning towards us, with eyes bloodshot, and frothing at the mouth, he hissed to us, shaking his clenched fist at the door he had just shut on the man he evidently hated:
The man sprang to his feet and strode forward with clenched hands, his face white with rage.
In the darkness of her own room she clenched her fists and glared about.
And Legree clenched his fist, and shook it, as if he had something in his hands that he could rend in pieces.
If it succeeded, well and good; if not, he would summon Tom before him, and--his teeth clenched and his blood boiled--then he would break the fellow down, or--there was a dire inward whisper, to which his soul assented.
RECENTLY the famous Liaquat Ali Khan Chowk (formerly Mukka Chowk) has been renovated and Liaquat Ali Khan's clenched fist (mukka) has been covered with pictures.
Oswald was a dedicated communist agent who proudly clenched his fist at Dallas in 1963.
Australia yesterday defended its most senior intelligence chief after he was pictured posing with a clenched fist alongside Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, an image rights groups said undermines criticism of Duterte's war on drugs.