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closed or squeezed together tightly


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While he was giving us these confidences, unfortunately, his eyes came to rest, at first accidentally, then wistfully, then with a horrid gleam in them, on the little dog, which was fooling about on the top of the sausage-machine, and his hands went out toward it convulsively, whereat David, in sudden fear, seized the dog in one arm and gallantly clenched his other fist, and then Joey begged his pardon and burst into tears, each one of which he flung against the wall, where it exploded with a bang.
She stood up, her eyes blazing, her hands clenched together.
Her hands were clenched in one another, her fingers nervously interlocked.
She reappeared almost at once, holding something tightly clenched in her right hand.
The boy pointed to the clenched hand of the senseless woman.
She looked for protest, and found it in Sheldon's clenched hand and in every line of his clean-cut face.
His face flushed, his jaw set, and unconsciously his hand clenched, unclenched, and clenched again as if he were taking fresh grips upon some hateful thing out of which he was squeezing the life.
Simon Nishikanta was fiendish in his descriptions of whatever miscreant had done the deed and of how he should be made to suffer for it, while Grimshaw clenched and repeatedly clenched his great hands as if throttling some throat.
The man sprang to his feet and strode forward with clenched hands, his face white with rage.
Without a word or a warning, I snatched the piece from his grasp, and, at the same time struck him a terrific blow between the eyes with my clenched fist.
demanded he, laying his clenched hand on the table beside him, and looking me keenly and fixedly in the face.
And Charles clenched his fist and cried, "The idiot, the idiot, the little fool
His flashing eyes, his clenched hands, his trembling lips, told us of the tumultuous feelings by which he was being agitated.
His face was convulsed and white, his eyes were flashing, his clenched fists raised overhead.
Neville,' rejoins the Minor Canon, mildly, but firmly: 'I request you not to speak to me with that clenched right hand.