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the production of small nonopening self-pollinating flowers

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In contrast to dimorphic cleistogamy, there are no morphological
Another reported category of cleistogamy is that of preanthesis
example of cleistogamy, but rather of prior self-pollination in CH
The three types of cleistogamy presented here occur along a
not be unexpected to find cases of cleistogamy that are difficult to
The type of cleistogamy can also vary among populations in some
addition to cleistogamy in Drosophyllum lusitanicum (Droseraceae),
To fully investigate the occurrence of cleistogamy within a species
reported cleistogamy in 112 genera and 202 species, with 81% of the
few cases of purported complete cleistogamy were verified by using
dimorphic unless they were described as having complete cleistogamy.
therefore placed in an "unclear" category of cleistogamy.
hybrids or mutants, or (4) cleistogamy was reported from only a few
We found that cleistogamy in general is present in 693 angiosperm