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the production of small nonopening self-pollinating flowers

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This is in agreement with studies which revealed that water stress shifts the flowering behavior toward higher degrees of cleistogamy (Obermayer, 1916: Kandaurov and Belkovskaja, 1966).
Evolutiion of reproductive characteristics in Impatiens (Balsaminaceae): the significance of cleistogamy and chasmogamy.
The balance between chasmogamy and cleistogamy in Collomia grandiflora (Polemoniaceae).
Effects of light and nutrient availability on chasmogamy and cleistogamy in an understory tropical herb, Calathea micans (Marantaceae).
Self-pollination can be favored by cleistogamy, chasmogamy and self-compatibility, while cross pollination can be favored by dichogamy, herkogamy and self-incompatibility (Frankel & Galun, 1977).
Gaywings may also reproduce by an unusual process called cleistogamy.
Van Wyk (1990) also studied the occurrence of cleistogamy in this group.
Convergent evolution of cleistogamy and seed heteromorphism in two perennial grasses.
Key words: Macroptilium, Fabaceae, floral biology, cleistogamy, Southern distribution.
Roundhead lespedeza plants contains both cleistogamous (self-pollinated) and chasmogamous (cross-pollinated) flowers with most seed set occurring thought cleistogamy (Cole and Biesboer, 1992).
We have no estimates of inbreeding in these populations, but previous results support the idea that cleistogamy is more prevalent on the hillside than the floodplain (Bennington and McGraw 1995a).
Cleistogamy, a sexual breeding system defined as the production of