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large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of various animals

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In a classic Freudian primal scene, the young Dennis Cleg witnesses his parents getting hot with each other, and in another pivotal moment, Yvonne deeply alarms him when she flashes her tits.
The point is that here are two high-profile personalities supporting electoral reform whose names are not Nick Cleg g.
Adapted by Patrick McGrath from his own novel and directed by the uncompromising Canadian iconoclast David Cronenberg (``Dead Ringers,'' ``Crash,'' ``Naked Lunch''), ``Spider'' charts the struggle of a long-institutionalized schizophrenic, Dennis ``Spider'' Cleg, to readjust to life in a London halfway house.
Contact: CLEG Camp & Festival Hotline Phone: (213) 333-3033 Email: durantUSA@yahoo.
Charter boats from Amble have been out during the week, Eddy Cleg taking cod to 11lb on Upholder.
Dennis Cleg (Ralph Fiennes), aka Spider, is a schizophrenic released into the community to take up lodgings at a halfway house in his old neighbourhood.
Appendix IV: Medical acarology and entomology: horse flies, clegs, deer flies, pp.
I still hear the wheeps of curlews, the buzz of bluebottles or clegs and then a minute's silence, more or less, before I shot him through his dicky heart.
In the states where structural separation is being encouraged, CLEGs argue that the Bells have not lived up to their end of the Section 271 bargain.
The graft and the midges and clegs would soon sort them out - Andy Logie, Dingwall.