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a musical notation written on a staff indicating the pitch of the notes following it

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The chief concierge at La Cigale hotel in Doha has been awarded the coveted 'Golden Keys' by the international concierge network, Les Clefs d'Or.
The group said: "Thanks to everyone who voted for us and helped us win this year's Nordoff Robbins Best Live Act Award at the O2 Silver Clefs.
2] CLEF e-Health 2014 is a technical competition aimed at the development of information access technology in electronic medical records, and is divided into 3 tasks.
A traditional view of treble clef choirs focuses on the ensemble as a preparation for SATB singing with high school treble clef choirs consisting of the "leftover" girls who were not selected for a mixed ensemble (Carp, 2004).
BIFFY Clyro won the Best British Band Award at the Nordoff Robbins Silver Clef awards in London yesterday.
PAOLO NUTINI lifted the top award at the Scottish Brits last night when he won the Tartan Clef at a star-studded ceremony.
At the O2 Silver Clef awards, ORITSE,23, said: "We saw Miley at the Music Choice awards and she told us she loved our album.
The exceptions are: timpani notation and carryover of accidentals, which can produce semitone errors; natural harmonics notated at lingered pitch, which can produce errors of a few large intervals; baritone horn and euphonium clef dependencies, which can produce errors of a major ninth; and scordatura and scores in C, which can lead to errors of almost any range.
Thus, in contrast to Lydie Aubernon de Nerville who figures as the "personnage a clef for Madame Verdurin and that Barthes characterises as "l'une des clefs les plus homogenes et les plus probantes" (401), there is an "[a]berration des clefs" (406) pertaining to Monsieur Nicolas Benardaky since he is Marie Benardaky's father, yet "[c]e gros hom-me obtus et vulgaire" cannot be reconciled with Proust's literary depiction of Swann (ibid.
Grazer said her roman a clef had offended none of the real-life players.
You can remember the lines of the bass clef as "Good Boys Do Fine Always," and the spaces as "All Cows Eat Grass.
CLEf is accepted at thousands of colleges and, in a nutshell, gives students of any age college credit for life experience.
Instead the roman a clef is a vigorous exorcism of the writer's personal demons from his time in Manhattan bohemia during the 1980s and '90s.
To those of us who read the roman a clef Windswept House by the late Malachi Martin when it came out about five years ago, the revelations of pederasty on the part of a number of priests, as well as a few bishops and perhaps even cardinals, was not really surprising.