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annual having the stem beset with curved prickles

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To the music of the band, and, the bells, the marrow-bones and cleavers, all at once; and while the Chimes were yet in lusty operation out of doors; Trotty, making Meg and Richard, second couple, led off Mrs.
To be sure; to be sure," muttered the cleaver, musingly.
cried a faint voice, at which his Majesty the cleaver said:
Then, when he had finished, he clattered the steel and cleaver still more loudly, shouting lustily, "Now, who'll buy?
There goes my chance of promotion," Garthwaite laughed, as a woman bore down on the wounded man, brandishing a butcher's cleaver.
A HAIRDRESSER described how he foiled a robbery by three thugs armed with meat cleavers by throwing a kettle of boiling water towards them.
com)-- FiberStore, a leader in fiber optic product custom and manufacturing, offers the industry's first mass fiber automatic blade rotation cleavers Sumitomo FC-6S and FC-6RM-C fiber cleaver for FTTX terminations efficiency.
A CRAZED Chinese chef challenged the boss who had just sacked him to a duel - with meat cleavers.
To the uninitiated, cleavers are those long entwining sticky plants that grow in hedgerow bottoms and roadside verges, with little fur ball seeds that stick to clothing.
Some of the best alterative herbs to clear the lymph system are red root, cleavers, mullein, calendula, burdock, stinging nettles, sassafras, and red clover, although the list could go on.
I'm with a Mark Darcy type but I've normally fallen for the Cleavers of this world.
The dry spring has reduced crop canopy height and while this has lessened lodging risk, cleavers will find it easier to get on top and smother crops, impacting yield by blocking out the sunlight.
A farmer survey by the National Farm Research Unit has revealed that cleavers are still the most widespread weed in winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley, even though they are the most widely targeted broad-leaved weed when it comes to preventative action.
A 76-year-old chef from Hong Kong faces a misdemeanour charge for trying to board a United Airlines flight with two meat cleavers in his carry-on bag.
The Andersons were one of a number of television families - with the Cleavers, the Nelsons and others - who helped define our image of the 1950s era.