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Synonyms for cleaver

a butcher's knife having a large square blade

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To be sure; to be sure," muttered the cleaver, musingly.
cried a faint voice, at which his Majesty the cleaver said:
Then, when he had finished, he clattered the steel and cleaver still more loudly, shouting lustily, "Now, who'll buy?
To the music of the band, and, the bells, the marrow-bones and cleavers, all at once; and while the Chimes were yet in lusty operation out of doors; Trotty, making Meg and Richard, second couple, led off Mrs.
Church, parson, clerk, beadle, glass-coach, bells, breakfast, bride-cake, favours, marrow-bones, cleavers, and all the rest of the tomfoolery.
Sean Cleaver was jailed for his role in a vicious assault on Bold Street back in 2013.
by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver, Osprey Publishing, 296 pages, $35
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 16, 2017-CECO elects Heath Cleaver as CFO
Rake, series 2 is a DVD compilation of the second Australian television series featuring the brilliant, sharp-tongued, yet tragically self-destructive solicitor Cleaver Greene.
Fintech lending companies, also known as alternative small-business lending, are a fast-growing industry offering a new wave of innovation--and also pose many new risks," Cleaver said.
A MAN who brandished a knife and a meat cleaver in front of a group of teenagers has been sent to prison for 18 months.
Dubai: A jobless man has been jailed for a year for stabbing his friend with a cleaver after he thought he had been talking bad about him.
Cleaver and Raymond Brooks formed Cleaver-Brooks in 1931 and began mass-producing boilers.
Ian Chatwin, his sister Danielle Needham, Jason Lunn and Lee Prime all pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to a charge of affray, with Raymond Cleaver having pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.