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the specific sites at which a restriction enzyme will cleave DNA

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More specifically, the PeptideMass tool was used to calculate the theoretical masses of peptides generated by the chemical or enzymatic cleavage of human ITIH4 protein and to predict the putative cleavage sites with different enzymes or reagents; the ProtParam tool was used to compute the amino acid composition and instability indexes of generated peptides.
Besides the multibasic cleavage site, the virus had typical avian consensus amino acid residues in the HA protein at positions involved in preferential receptor binding to avian sialic acid receptors (amino acids Q226 and G228 by H3 numbering).
Different proBNP-derived peptides containing in their sequence the cleavage site ([Arg.
To perform comparative analysis of the S1/S2 cleavage site between FECVs and FIPVs, we identified cases of FIP that were confirmed postmortem by using immunohistochemistry, the standard for FIP diagnosis; archival immunohistochemistry-positive formalin-fixed tissues were used as the source of FIPV RNA.
To complement its drug target validation programs, Innovir has developed FRS (Functional Ribozyme Selection) for identifying the optimal cleavage sites in bacterial cells.
Potential cleavage sites within P1 are predicted after [Q.
Additionally, the HA cleavage site in the new isolates is PQRERRRKRG, which is identical to that of clade 2.
In humans, it is divided into two regions after a cleavage site in positions 73-76 (Arg-Ala-Pro-Arg).
The slpA precursor encoded by this gene contained a signal peptide, and its cleavage site was located between aa 24 and aa 25.
9-Da marker peptide appeared in the Hb variant [[beta]66 Lys[right arrow]Asn] only, but not in wild-type Hb, and was confirmed to be an amino acid substitution by elimination of the tryptic cleavage site at Lys([beta]66) and by the characteristic mass increase of 114 Da, which indicated the addition of an asparaginyl residue to this position.
0] cleavage site, PENPKTTKPRPRR/GLF, (underlined amino acids indicate a 6-aa insert) conformed to the definition of the World Organisation for Animal Health for HPAI virus (4).
Fragment Amino acid sequence (a) Mass, Da Remarks a NH2-IVGGWECEK/ 1078 b HSQPWQVLVASR 1408 c GR/ 213 Low mass (b) d AVCGGVLVHPQWVLTAAHCIR/ 2344 e (c) NK/ 242 Low mass f SVILLGR/ 757 g HSLFHPEDTGQVSHSFPHPLY- 3494 DMSLLK/ h NR/ 270 Low mass i FLRPGDDSSHDLMLLR/ 1872 LSEPAELTDAVK/ 1273 k VMDLPTQEPALGTTCYASGWGS- 3525 IEPEEFLTPK/ l K/ 128 Low mass m LQCVDLHVISNDVCAQVHPQK/ 2460 n VTK/ 328 Low mass o FMLCAGR/ 854 p WTGGK/ 548 q STCSGDSGGPLVCNGVLQGITS- 4138 WGSEPCALPSLYTK/ r VVHYR/ 673 s K/ 128 Low mass t WIK/ 428 Low mass u DTIVANP-COOH 729 (a) The slash indicates a trypsin cleavage site.
The cleavage site in VP0/VP3 of PAK5045 was identical to that of HPeV2 but not to those of other types.
Cleavage sites of Can112051-06 and prototype Saffold virus cardiovirus polyproteins * Cleavage site Can 112051-06 Saffold virus L / VP4 MEPQ / GNSN MEPQ / GNSN VP4 / VP2 PLLM / DQNT PLLM / DQNT VP2 / VP3 LEDQ / SPIP LEAD / SPIP VP3 / VP1 YTPH / GVDN YTPQ / GVDN VP1 / V2A LELQ / NPIS LELQ / DPIS 2A / 2B FQLQ / GGVL FQLQ / GGVL 2B / 2C LQQQ / SPVR LQQQ / SPIR 2C / 3A LVAQ / SPGN LVAQ / SPGN 3A / 3B EGEQ / AAYS EGEQ / AAYS 3B / 3C LDVQ / GGGK LDVQ / GGGK 3C / 3D LIPQ / GAIV LTPQ / GAIV * Can112051-06 GenBank accession no.