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capable of being cleaved

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The effectiveness of a cleavable linker over a non-cleavable linker when used with MGBA-based antibody-drug conjugates was examined using fully human anti-CD70 antibody-drug conjugates.
With the exception of two (ATAT and TATA), all possible 4-bp palindromes are cleavable by restriction enzymes, can be generated by one or two nucleotide substitutions, and can be designed in virtually all sequences.
The cleavable linker connecting recombinant factor IX and recombinant albumin has been specifically designed to preserve the native function of the coagulation factor in the fusion protein, while benefiting from recombinant albumin's long physiological half-life.
Specifically, I propose to characterize the intestinal inflammation- and cancer-associated CD1d lipidome based on novel in vitro and in vivo models of cleavable CD1d and a recently established lipidomics approach.
Furthermore, mitindomide did not induce the formation of topoisomerase II-DNA covalent cleavable complexes in CHO cells (Hasinoff et al.
The camptothecins definitely bind to topoisomerase I and stabilize DNA-topoisomerase I cleavable complex.
131) The invention related to a method for producing a protein, human growth hormone (HGH), by using bacteria to first generate a larger protein and then cleaving off the undesired portion with a technique called cleavable fusion expression.
In these works (7), (10), (12), dissolvable hydrogels with cleavable crosslinkers were designed and fabricated in microfluidic channels.
The topics include delineating protease functions during cancer development, positional scanning synthetic combinatorial libraries for substrate profiling, imaging specific cell surface protease activity in living cells using re-engineered bacterial cytotoxins, and on-demand cleavable linkers for radio-immunotherapy.
mass reporter) by a covalent labile bond that is differentially cleavable with respect to peptide bonds (e.