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shoes with leather or metal projections on the soles

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3N2 leveraged an electroplate process when creating the cleat to seamlessly meld the outsole and midsole together in metallic yellow, and through the use of sublimation technology, the shoe's upper captures subtleties of AJ's story through detailed printing.
They are both stainless steel cleats and one of the reasons for their success is their suitability for virtually any installation application.
The drill rig is driven onto the Cleat, pushing the cleats into the ground and positioning the machine against the bull bar.
At Cleats for Bare Feet (C4BF), the creative social project of greeNEWit—that collects boys and girls second-hand cleats (athletic shoes) and sporting equipment and sends them to disadvantaged youth all over the world— it is the opportunity to re-imagine what it means to give and receive a donation in the 21st century.
Got him some new cleats, a jersey and a baseball bat.
Noon Turf Care of Hudson has created the nonprofit Cleats by Noon to provide new athletic shoes and cleats to youth sports teams.
Install two ice cleats on the track shoe in place of the removed pads.
A CURTAIN shop in Bournville is giving away 2,000 cleats to stop children becoming entangled in window blind cords and strangled.
The multi-year agreement gives Under Armour the worldwide rights to produce and distribute the official "silhouetted batter" MLB logo on its MLB Authentic Collection baseball cleats.
Cleats linked together by an articulated chain carry the caps gently from a large storage hopper towards an adjustable speed bump, which inclines the cleats and causes poorly oriented caps to fall by simple gravity.
London, June 12 (ANI): A new research by Scottish experts has warned that soccer star who choose to wear football boots with bladed cleats could be putting themselves at greater risk of injury.
I won't slip and fall when I run, because I'm wearing cleats.
Diadora has introduced Rotax, a bladed outsole where the cleats are shaped, and located, in a way where they reduce the stress on the knee when turning.
From the bench she gazed at the big Rockettes and the smaller players of her sister's team--and now her own--the Cleats.
Shoe-in for Markey: Training camp was 12 days old before Bruins tailback Chris Markey received his special-order adidas cleats, but he said his performance should improve because of them.