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a metal or leather projection (as from the sole of a shoe)

a fastener (usually with two projecting horns) around which a rope can be secured

a strip of wood or metal used to strengthen the surface to which it is attached

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provide with cleats

secure on a cleat

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Some 25 per cent of cable cleats exported by UK-based Ellis Patents Limited last year went to the GCC region, the company says.
For small rigs less than 40,000 pounds, only the front Cleat is needed.
com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/about-the-show) Dancing With the Stars , decided to throw his cleat to Wagner as he made his way into the dugout following a charity softball game Sunday in Appleton, WI, that raised more than $200,000.
Move the tank forward to position the next track shoe needing cleats.
The traditional stud helps to distribute the pressure being placed on a footballer's feet while the cleats increase the loading on the front of the foot where soccer stars are prone to metatarsal injuries, according to the study.
First cleat positions and shapes have changed, this is mostly in regard to answering three key issues: traction for changing surfaces, cleat pressure or dispersion, and weight of the product.
Shoe-in for Markey: Training camp was 12 days old before Bruins tailback Chris Markey received his special-order adidas cleats, but he said his performance should improve because of them.
But as they tried to tow it to safety a metal cleat was ripped out and whiplashed across the deck of their pleasure cruiser.
If you've tried saddle adjustments to no avail, have a shop look at and optimize your cleat rotation.
But perhaps it's filling that Warrior Poet lays such a straightforward path, a cleat framework to serve as a jumping off point for future analyses and biographies.
gt;From the article which followed, it is cleat that the Council of General Synod has refused to allow the issue to be debated in favour of a question of diocesan authority and jurisdiction.
Wow," Amanda exclaimed, watching a Cleat player limp to the bench after a hard tackle.
CFI-6755 is an optically cleat, RTV liquid elastomer that operates from -65 [degrees] C to +265 [degrees] C (-178 [degrees] F to +465 [degrees] F) when fully cured.
While doing this, he also had to remove a dive door, attach a line to a boat cleat, and toss the line to the nearest victim.
Attach hinges on the top and bottom cleat on the goat side.