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a road on which you are not allowed to stop (unless you have a breakdown)

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Department for Infrastructure spokesman Ciaran de Burca said: "Vehicles parked in urban clearway routes and bus lanes during operational hours cause significant delays for commuters and other road users, particularly during the morning and evening peak traffic hours.
The State Government is also extending clearway times on key arterial roads including Greenhill Road, where motorists are saving up to one minute during peak periods, despite a 6% increase in traffic volumes.
We now have the identity to live up to the standard of training and tuition we offer at Clearway.
He took a bruising as he high-sided off his HM Plant Honda at Clearways during the morning session.
The enforcement of bus stop clearways is one of the council's target priorities in the interests of road safety.
Menu's chances of a podium finish ended with a spin at Clearways, although he rejoined to finish twelfth.
All five appraisal wells will be completed as producers and the Clearways Atwood Hunter rig has now been released.
The results are in 24/7 clearways on Punt Road have slashed travel times and reduced congestion.
On lap eight Lodge made his move to pass Rob Guiver, last year's championship runner up, going into the Paddock Hill bend, and then went outside leader Fraser Rogers at Clearways to take the lead.
There are a few places where drivers can be caught out because meters don't know when part-time bus lanes or clearways come into operation, although better signs or software could easily sort that out.
A contract was entered into with Clearways Drilling Sdn Bhd for the use of the semi-submersible rig, the "Hunter" to launch the Phase I development drilling campaign.
This includes seeking to take over responsibility for Davey and Macquarie Streets and the installation of new clearways and extension of existing clearways on those streets and the enforcement of those clearways.
Mr Crapper won the case, with the judge saying there were exemptions for loading and delivery in clearways.
Roundabouts, clearways and slip roads are some of the places a driver could pull over into serious trouble.
Fred, 49, who works out of Kevin Street Garda Station, says greedy clampers are targeting cars whose meters have just ran out while they ignore cars parked in bus lanes and clearways.