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a road on which you are not allowed to stop (unless you have a breakdown)

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Mr Crapper says that in August, 2006, a sign indicating the clearway and no parking was not in sight of where he parked, being further up the road.
KirkleesCouncil sent me a map of the area where I was parked and highlighted a sign at the clearway.
Kirklees now need to look into their own regulations because they told me that there is no parking at all on a clearway.
We now have the identity to live up to the standard of training and tuition we offer at Clearway.
The spokesman added: "The bus stops on the High Street near Wilkinson's have a bus stop clearway restriction in place, which prohibits stopping by all vehicles except buses.
Clearway delivers business process management software that improves business performance, reduces costs, and improves compliance with company policies and regulations.
CONTACT: Clearway Software, 508-906-6300, BPM@ClearwaySoftware.
BOSTON -- Clearway Partners today announced that Raheel Retiwalla will join the company as Vice President of Information Management to lead Clearway's growing business intelligence practice.
I am extremely excited to welcome Raheel to Clearway," said Gene Rodgers, President and Chief Operating Officer of Clearway Partners.
I am absolutely thrilled and excited about the opportunities ahead for Clearway to make an enormous impact on innovation driven by Microsoft technology-based business solutions," Raheel said.