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a road on which you are not allowed to stop (unless you have a breakdown)

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A total of 7,485 penalty charge notices were issued for parking contraventions in urban clearways and bus lanes last year.
This is because the original clearway markings still need to be removed.
Tirpalu pavidalu laistant i dirvozemi buvo iterptos sios natrio acetato koncentracijos: 3 g/kg Clearway SF3, 5 g/kg Clearway SF3, 10 g/kg Clearway SF3.
Established in 1947, Clearway Distribution claims a reputation as one of the leading haulage companies in the UK, with a strong track record for customer service and quality.
The clearway will operate on the Antrim Road, from its junction with Cliftonville Road to the M2 over-bridge, just south of Glengormley.
YEWHOHO: @DPConwyNews @dailypostwales I suppose the question is, do people recognise the clearway sign from the highway code and know what it means.
SCHEDULE 3 CLEARWAY AND PROHIBITION OF PEDESTRIANS The length of the dedicated A470 northbound link road from its junction with the A470 gyratory to its junction with the A470 southbound carriageway.
Clearway Driving Centre, originally based in Redcar, was founded by Mr Barnett in 1999 and has successfully grown to be one of the largest private driving centres in the North-East.
A tolled road/bridge/road, built west of the railway bridge, giving a rapid clearway from the A5300 (Newstead farm) to the A557 at Westfield, could leave the present bridge for local traffic and, most importantly for the citizens of Widnes-Runcorn, untolled.
From a regional perspective, obviously an M62 and M56 link-up, a tolled road/bridge/road built west of the railway bridge giving a rapid clearway from the A5300 (Newstead farm) to the A557 at Westfield, could leave the present bridge for local traffic.
BOSTON -- Clearway Insight today announced the beta release and initial limited availability of Clearway Insight, a social networking, personal publishing, and productivity solution.
The State Government is also extending clearway times on key arterial roads including Greenhill Road, where motorists are saving up to one minute during peak periods, despite a 6% increase in traffic volumes.
I was told that since there was a clearway sign before entry to Y Maes no further signs were needed as the whole area was a 'designated clearway'.
Please send me Code Qty Price Total Clearway Stone & Decking Cleaner E792 1 PS14.
CARDIFF: The Moon Club (029 2037 3022), The Clearway Force.