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not mentally confused


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Accordingly, philanthrocapitalism may inadvertently advance a notion that grant-recipient charities, almost by definition, lack clearheadedness and thus should only be instrumentalized to achieve the foundation's objectives.
Now I could tell you that eating just three pieces can improve clearheadedness by 30 per cent and that it helps prevent dental plaque, but that doesn't sound quite as enticing as knowing that chocolate chills you out and creates the same sensations as being in love.
Not only do some emotions aid in adjudicating with consistency as Judge Posner suggests,(135) but awareness of emotions can help legal actors achieve the type of clearheadedness presumably valued by formalism's focus on rules.
Many people do not have the time or the clearheadedness to be their own advocate at that point.
It is a common belief also that on account of coition a man loses his muscular strength and his clearheadedness, and that his phosphorous is used up and his sensitivity is dulled.
But on the subject of peace, the peace we are seeking, I have never, with all due respect and all the affection I held for your predecessors, have known someone with your dedication, clearheadedness, focus, and determination to help resolve this issue.