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not mentally confused


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Flynn's book, Catholics at a Crossroads, uses the priest sex scandal as a point of departure for her clearheaded critique of the American Catholic church and the dilemmas and possibilities it confronts today.
That's something of a disappointment from a writer who is so clearheaded and has done so much impressive reporting.
Although many artists can be said to contemplate mortality in their work--usually in a veiled, Robert Frost kind of way--a clearheaded few have cut through the allusive haze and made their contemplation plain.
Joaquin Cabrejas' article in the November/December 2003 issue of the Humanist was precisely the kind of clearheaded and rational approach that is needed when analyzing the policies of the Bush administration.
As Juhani Pallasmaa has pointed out, Joy's houses in the northern hemisphere 'bring to mind some of the clearheaded and poetic house designs of Glenn Murcutt in Australia'.
There are other pleasures, too, to be had: in discovering, for example, Antonio's receptivity to his patrons and his clearheaded observation of his more famous peers.
As a corrective, each promises a clearheaded, impartial account of the empirical findings on school choice.
In all of the pieces, some of them written before The Crisis, others afterward, Cruse proves himself as clearheaded as ever, and as unsparing in his criticism of faulty reasoning, no matter who its practitioner.
But sick people are generally not so clearheaded when they want desperately to believe that their doctor can help them.
In their engaging and clearheaded guide to the shrinking of the planet, they show that different parts of the globe are shrinking at very different rates and that the whole process has along, long way to go.
I was clearheaded when I took the decision to carry out the nuclear tests and I am very clear today'' about what to do, Vajpayee said at a reception in Lahore on Sunday, while explaining India's rationale behind the tests in May last year.
Experienced computer professionals will find this clearheaded Internet security text a useful new resource.
It measures where the respondent falls between two extremes for six types of mood, such as clearheaded versus confused or elated versus depressed.
It follows from these assumptions that one can act either prudently or morally without acting rationally, for one act either way without being fully knowledgeable and clearheaded about all that is involved.
I feel very clearheaded and quite powerful in my mind.