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Synonyms for clearance

Synonyms for clearance

the act or process of eliminating

Synonyms for clearance

the distance by which one thing clears another

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vertical space available to allow easy passage under something

permission to proceed

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Also, directives were issued to resolve clearance time limits as well.
Patients who were treated by IVB injection and those who were followed without IVB therapy were compared in terms of VA change and final VA, VH clearance time, rate of early PRP application and rate of surgical intervention.
The Egyptian Customs Authority seeksto complete linking its systems with the relevant authorities concerned with international trade, such as the Egyptian Tax Authority, the Central Bank of Egypt and air cargo companies, which reduces clearance time, thus lowering import costs.
He also detailed recent policies and actions taken by his administration to cut security clearance time, including bringing in dogs and getting airlines to pitch in with nonsecurity tasks like reminding passengers to remove shoes and belts.
After construction of Customs Complex, the clearance time of goods vehicle will reduce from 24 hours to an hour only, he added.
In addition, we computed the parasite clearance time, defined as the interval between the start of treatment and the first of 2 sequential negative peripheral blood films (14).
Roadway clearance time refers to the time between the first recordable awareness of an incident by a responsible agency and the first confirmation that all lanes are once again available for traffic flow.
The MOA further states a customs clearance time of 24 hours from arrival at CMEC or SMED for time-sensitive mail like the Express Mail Service, 48 hours for registered mail and small packets, and 72 hours for air parcels, and surface mail except for items tagged for further examination.
The clearance time for psoriasis ranged from 5 - 7 weeks (mean 60.
SACCHARINE TEST: The nasal mucociliary clearance time is measured by saccharine clearance test method.
However, the check-in and immigration clearance time will also reflect the passenger handling performance.
26) The agency has been making some efforts to more quickly clear medical health technology: mHealthNews found that the average clearance time for mobile medical applications was 110 days, which is 25 days fewer than the overall FDA average.
Objective: To determine the effect of Tamsulosin, as adjunctive medical therapy after Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy for renal stones on rate of stone clearance, clearance time, pain intensity during stone clearance, steinstrasse formation and auxiliary surgical intervention required.
aACoeAs a result, it will further reduce delays associated with cross-border trade and enable us to attain our goal of 48-hour cargo clearance time at the ports,aACA[yen] Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was quoted as saying at the inauguration of the trade portal.
Shipping and clearance times cause problems as you need to add two weeks' clearance time onto the shipping time.