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Synonyms for clearance

Synonyms for clearance

the act or process of eliminating

Synonyms for clearance

the distance by which one thing clears another

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vertical space available to allow easy passage under something

permission to proceed

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According to Politico, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly did not sign the memo downgrading Kushner's clearance.
Jowyk understands the both the gravity and complexity of the security clearance process.
With the online NBI clearance app, you won't need to manually fill out the forms anymore -- a far cry from NBI's procedures of old (e.
The shear rate/viscosity curve in accompanying graph shows a ratio in viscosity between the channel and the clearance of about 3.
Considering the complicated process and the lack of actual need for NT dollar in mainland China, mainland China intends to open up renminbi clearance in Taiwan first and designate the Taipei branch of the Bank of China as the clearance bank.
This table provides the number of clearances for violent crimes and property crimes with a breakdown of clearances for those offenses as well as the percentage of those clearances that involved only juveniles.
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The primary purpose of the medical clearance program is to ensure that the assignment will not cause harm to the individual because of his or her medical condition.
Additionally, increased European Union oversight over customs processes, the cumbersome T-1 process itself and the challenges that T-1 use created, meant that both the DoD and the German government were ready to return to Form 302 use via an improved duty-free customs clearance process using the CPA-NATO system.
Ironically, neither a lack of financial smarts nor the accrual of massive debt have affected the security clearances of politicians serving in Washington--who piled an additional $2 trillion on the National Debt from fiscal year 2002 to 2005.
Now, scientists can apply the new testing method to gauge clearance rates in different age groups.
The MOTs monitor the progress of route clearance teams at the corps level.
You can obtain your clearance up to 30 minutes before your departure time.
Because FBI offices are repositories of national security information, a presidential executive order requires all employees, including task force officers assigned to these offices, to have a top secret (TS) security clearance.