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not mentally confused


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Clear-thinking companies are questioning the headlong rush into data mining, data warehousing and decision-support systems.
Renowned as a clear-thinking authority on technology's impact in the business world, founder and general partner Roger McNamee is often quoted as an expert on the complexities and related implications of the Internet.
Well, it's the talk of the puzzle world and the people who appreciate it are logical and clear-thinking people, not stupid TV presenters who have big mouths and no brains.
FP: I actually live in the real world, not "puzzle world", so I don't have the time to find out what you clear-thinking people are so excited about.
The execution: A shoebox full of baseball cards can be replaced, but a well-worn baseball glove sitting on a shelf that served as a trusted companion could make any clear-thinking adult run back into a burning house.
Thomas McDowell, originally from Ballymena, Co Antrim, behaved in a "very sensible, logical and clear-thinking way" when he disposed of the body of Andreas Hinz, a jury was told.
Now it is time for clear-thinking Americans to demonstrate their constitutional right to avoid his books and films like the plague they are.
McPeek, already a clear-thinking man, learned to handle setbacksover the past few years.
Her irate mother defended her in a letter saying that "becoming a parent has been a turning point in Danniella's life," and claiming her daughter was now "the clear-thinking, responsible individual that I raised".
Comparing his hazy days to clear-thinking performances, Montoya simply points out how he's on a more positive track.
But the special interests don't want a plain-speaking, intelligent, clear-thinking, honest candidate or a real campaign of beliefs and issues.
Dennis Prager has been singled out repeatedly by clear-thinking individuals for being fair, even-handed and anti-inflammatory; not a small task in an era where the media increasingly rewards sensationalism.