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Synonyms for clear-sighted

having sharp clear vision

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mentally acute or penetratingly discerning

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Fogarty clear-sightedly reviews the ways that stereotyped beliefs in "warlike races" often led French officials to seek supposed "natural warriors" among certain ethnic groups and regions.
Until that time, however, it is possible to wonder whether Chesterton was not a more peculiar, complex, and--underneath the bluff confidence--conflicted figure than the one who, in Oddie's account, makes his way so clear-sightedly towards the One True Church.
In three-quarter view, seated in front of a crowded bookcase, with bald dome, raised antenna-like eyebrows, beaky red nose, drooping mustache, and quizzical expression, Hardy grasps the lapels of his thick gray suit and stares clear-sightedly ahead, ruminating on the sad fate of mankind and on his own approaching death.
The results we are announcing today demonstrate that we acted swiftly and clear-sightedly to do what needed to be done in order to turn the Company around and get it back in the black.