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Synonyms for clear-sighted

having sharp clear vision

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mentally acute or penetratingly discerning

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You would hardly believe, however, how the injudicious conduct of the aristocracy in this respect displeases certain clear-sighted personages at the palace.
The concept of the new identity is to be practical, clear-sighted, simple and modern.
James Harding, BBC director of news and current affairs, said: "Hillary will bring dynamism, creativity and clear-sighted leadership and help ensure Question Time remains at the heart of public political debate.
A slim volume, it tells, through the eyes of a young boy, the multiple stories of people - family, servants and hangers-on - who live in the household of his clear-sighted but tyrannical Grandfather.
She asserted that the firmness and clear-sighted political vision of the President and the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army are contributing, to a large extent, to the shaping of the region's future the way its people want and not that of the plotters.
The NHS doesn't need messiahs, however well intentioned - just clear-sighted and courageous leadership.
We also need clear-sighted strategies, strong national legislation and a commitment to coordinate the fight against this crime," he stressed.
And we thank heaven that English cricket is run by such a clear-sighted man as Clarke (above) and not by some arrogant, plummyvoiced twerp.
Clear-sighted consumers are showing a preference for energy efficient pumps, currently.
He said that the team of the film is 'extremely proud of the movie they had made', and that they have made a film that 'allows people to look back at the past in a way that gives a more clear-sighted appraisal of the future.
Those who know you personally, know you for what you are: determined, disciplined, resilient, clear-sighted, bloody-minded, funny, thoughtful, kind, pragmatic, decent, honest, obstinate, perverse" - Broadcaster and former MP Gyles Brandreth on the Duke of Edinburgh.
Jeddah - Morocco reiterated its "sincere pride" and "deep appreciation" for the lucid and clear-sighted approach of the Gulf countries' leaders "to promote and push our cooperation to promising prospects," said Foreign Minister Taib Fassi Fihri.
In expressing their flagrant and clear-sighted honesty, Liverpool fans show their integrity in disabusing their "emperor" of wearing only the finest threads, when in reality he is laid bare.
Signees of the message also express entire and unreserved commitment to forge ahead under the Head of State's wise and clear-sighted leadership, reasserting to President Ben Ali their will to persevere and strive to preserve the gains reaped and face up to whomever attempts to undermine the national gains.
Gabriel is a simple soul, genuinely innocent and clear-sighted but he is swept up by the visit of Stephan, a charismatic fanatic who is gathering children to join him on a crusade to free the Holy Land of the Saracen.