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Synonyms for clear-eyed

mentally acute or penetratingly discerning

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Gazza looks a clear-eyed picture of health in a photo he posted on Twitter, telling his followers that his friend Runar is a great hairdresser, according to the report.
Part of being level-headed and clear-eyed is to say, 'OK, if this is real, let's make the deal and let's make sure that everybody can be confident in what we are actually doing.
We are very clear-eyed about Iran's behavior," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.
Members of the Syrian community in India hailed President al-Assad's clear-eyed vision outlined in his speech delivered on Tuesday and his wisdom in dealing with the crisis in Syria.
3, her yard of blonde hair whipping out in all directions, pops Darci Kistler, 16 years old, headstrong, clear-eyed, beaming, more than a student and less than an artist and almost certainly a dancer for whom great things are in store .
of Nevada, offers a clear-eyed view of how modern-day Nevada came to be.
The movie uncovers the failures of the public education system, the corrupt and feckless bureaucrats in charge and how a dedicated army of parents, teachers, clear-eyed officials and activists are fighting to save another generation of American students from failure.
Looking clear-eyed, Redmond O'Neal joined his father and half-sister Tatum O'Neal for a private ceremony for the Charlie's Angels star, who died from anal cancer, aged 62.
He also voiced his great appreciation for the gains made by Tunisia and the progress it has achieved, under the Head of State's clear-eyed leadership, thanks to his vanguard development approach.
See the official website for some of the most entertaining celebrity blogging on the net, and catch this to experience her silken vocal and clear-eyed pop craft.
In a press conference in the White House's Rose Garden, the President said: "Judge Mukasey is clear-eyed about the threat our nation faces.
Lawmakers, industry executives, and environmental nongovernmental organizations alike are looking for clear-eyed, unbiased analysis of the long-term impacts of the proposed options," he claims.
Our troops need clear-eyed leaders, not this romantic rabble that we have been hearing.
This book presents a clear-eyed and well-documented overview of global warming, and an optimistic but practical plan for avoiding the worst of the damage.
Thank you for a clear-eyed, compassionate overview of the very complex global HIV/AIDS crisis.